is a tech-based website founded and launched by Randall Egan and Max Smith in 2016. The website provides you with detailed reviews on tech gears. Our main motto is to dig up the best information on gears and gadgets from all over the internet and review each of them in details.


Every week we sift through hundreds of blogs, articles, magazines and various other item compendiums to pick the best information. Our focus is to provide our readers with reviews on the latest tech and gadgets that make an appearance on the internet.

In addition to that, we also provide them with different buying guides based on a variety of products. These buying guides enable our readers to develop an understanding of various features that they need to consider before buying a certain product.

The buying guides play a significant role to finalize your buying decision. There are so many brands that introduce an array of technologies and gear very frequently to stay ahead of the competition. In this situation, choosing the right product can become an overwhelming task. You might end up buying a wrong product that misfits your needs and requirements. The founders of Luwitech understand this issue and they both have been through the same as well.

After struggling to acquire the information ease their tech-savvy natures, they both decide to develop a website that provides concise information that is relevant to specific needs of the masses. For this reason, our reviews not only focus on the advantages of the product or technology under consideration but also highlight its drawbacks.

Therefore, our reviews provide you with a clear picture of whether to use this technology or not. Furthermore, our buying guides enable you to understand what features you must consider before buying a specific gear or gadget.

Our Approach

Product Reviews

Our approach of giving you a clear picture of different gadgets and technologies is based on the idea of truthfulness. Most of the blogs and magazines receive a good amount of money to write only good stuff about a particular product. They can misrepresent the facts or manipulate the truth about the performance and features of a product for marketing reasons. These resources only let the many do the talking even if the product is subpar.

Our reviews and guides help you to understand various aspects of products and how you can use it to the maximum benefit. It enable you to make well-informed choices from now on and choose the right gear. No matter what you like, if it is technology, you are going to find it on

Our Team of Experts

Thetagtech Team

Randall Egan

Any content about sustainability and eco-friendliness on Luwitech come from Randall. He prefers the technologies users have must offer sustainability and he has a great respect for using the resources while giving something back to the environment in which we live. Mr. Randall has voracious appetite for top of the line products. This is where we get plenty of energy in finding the best outdoor gear and tech so you won’t miss out anything new in the tech market.

Max Smith

This guy sits in a house filled with gadgets and tests out everything he gets his hands on. He emphasizes on style statements and has a keen eye on everything that moves and has a power source. Any content on flair and performance comes from Max. He focuses on all the things that look and feel good. He is the guy that provide you with plenty of suggestions and most of the buying guides come from him.