Best Crossbow Reviews 2020 – Top Picks for the Money

Best Crossbow Reviews

You can’t look cool with a crossbow.

Yes, that’s true.

You love the Crossbow because it’s just crazy. Guns are fun; I can’t deny that hunting with guns & dogs isn’t fun. But a crossbow is pretty rad!

For Hunting fans, these crossbow reviews help you to pick the best crossbow 2020 for hunting.

Although, crossbow history dates back from ancient past. But due to revolutionary technological progress, Crossbows become incredibly powerful. With innovation, these best crossbows are transformed to fits in purpose and requirements of modern times.

Here on 2020 list, you can get crossbows of different pulling mechanisms, physical shape, and sizes. They also come with a range of caliber, projectile, shooting velocity, accuracy, and power.

Best Crossbow Reviews 2020

ProductsVelocityDraw Weight (pounds)
Excalibur Matrix 380380 FPS260
Barnett Ghost 410 CRT410 FPS185
TenPoint Venom Xtra372 FPS185
Horton NH15001-7552 Storm RDX370 FPS122
Killer Instinct FURIOUS 370 FRT370 FPS185
Barnett BCX Buck Commander Extreme365 FPS185
Barnett Outdoors Ghost 360 CRT360 FPS165
Barnett Jackal315 FPS150
Arrow Precision Inferno Fury235 FPS175
Barnett Wildcat C5320 FPS150

Everyone wish to get the best product they can afford. These revamped crossbows carried a higher price tag, degree of the technical edge set you free from various issues of reliability, safety, and durability.

It’s entirely up to a user to select the particular type of crossbow fits well in their plans. By spending a decent amount of money, you entitled to secure the finest product with the best crossbow 2020. Also, experience the luxury of most excellent hunting.

The important one; Before buying you have to understand the entire physiology completely. Here below the quick comparison table and crossbow reviews guides you to find the best crossbow for the money. Beginners of the trade find it extremely helpful, thus end up with the best choice as per their particular needs.

Sometimes, you unable to go through the complete in-depth analysis; In that case just find these particular picks below.

All three products are champions of their trade; the first one is beginners choice, next is professional’s love followed by the most advanced high-end crossbow.

1. Excalibur Matrix 380 Review – The All-around crossbow

Excalibur Matrix 380 Crossbow review

This compact crossbow is expensive but more than worth it.

Excalibur’s revolutionary Matrix series bow provides you reliability and functionality of a recurve crossbow in a small package. Due to the unique design and easy maintenance recurve crossbow stands tall in archers wishlist.

With its power, balanced built, smooth handling, and camouflage design Matrix 380 ideal for hunter’s using tree stands and blinds. Camouflage bow design mask shooter’s position thus helps to gain position advantage.

Despite smaller 13 inches power stroke, It shoots at blazing 380 FPS speed, and 260 pounds draw weight. Which is impractical from such a small recurve bow a while ago.

The Excalibur Matrix 380 is one of the quickest and shortest tip-to-tip crossbows around. At below 6 pounds mass weight, this bow won’t slow you down in the woods. Further, helps to maneuver in narrow zones.

Safety measures are of greater importance when it comes to a crossbow’s description. No doubt, they are taken care of nicely with the Guardian anti-dry-fire system. It prevents dangerous dry fires and helps to achieve better performance.

In the line of other Matrix series crossbows, you can decock the Matrix 380 without shooting a bolt.

Another great feature is Excalibur’s specially designed compact tact-zone scope. It has multiple reticles with green/red rheostat Illuminations, contributes to target accurately. Also, pre-programmable for speeds in between 410 to 275 FPS.

Even with such high-value features, Matrix 380 has some downgraded aspects. First one is quiver, which happens to be small and unable to fits even two bolts in it.

Power, Accuracy, and usability are the principal factors to determine the standard of a crossbow. And, Excalibur Matrix 380 is the best example of it. This crossbow is tactical, lightweight, and delivers high-precision accuracy, you never miss a shot ever. It generate enough kinetic power to hunt down big games.

  • Compact advanced recurve design
  • Lightweight, balanced construction
  • Easy to use, maintain, and store
  • Advanced scope and anti dry-fire system
  • High-speed shooting makes suitable for big size hunting
  • Provide smooth assembly along with the instruction manual
  • Small quiver proves inadequate
  • The lighted scope can quickly fog up in damp conditions

2. Barnett Ghost 410 CRT Review – Fastest crossbow 2020 (Exclusive choice)

Barnett Ghost 410 CRT review

Finding an ultimate crossbow with wide-spectrum expertise isn’t an ordinary task. No worries Ghost 410 is the one you can opt for; editor’s choice and probably the most reputed and trusted crossbow from Barnett.

You have to believe this crossbow capable to shot an arrow with the speed of 410 feet per second. And, this the fastest crossbow we have in our collection also, very moderately priced, unlike other high-value ones.

Hold your thoughts, this is not the most expensive and neither a cheaper crossbow. I must say it is the best affordable and deliver a comparatively higher value of money. Going through power analysis, this is unquestionably one of the most powerful crossbows available in the market.

Now, take a preview of those finest marks of  the fastest compound crossbow you can buy in 2020

  • Ghost 410 weighs only 7.3 pounds and draw weight of 185 pounds. It is ultra-lightweight, and easy to carry around.
  • Barnett’s proprietary CarbonLight Riser Technology(CRT) shifts the balance point away from the riser and back to the shoulder of the shooter. That makes it very comfortable and stable to aim.
  • The mounted scope facilitate you with a green red dot illumination for all 6 dot reticles, which can be switched on or off through a single button.
  • This bow capable of shooting 22-inch bolts with jaw-dropping 410 FPS. Which means you can harvest almost any large games on the planet.
  • This crossbow can generate incredible amount(149 ft./pounds) kinetic energy by using 15.4-inch power stroke, makes a deadly hunting machine.
  • It boasts an incredible 5-to-1 safety factor and provides the ideal mix of weight and speed.
  • Crossbow assembly is down to the point, requires just three screws and five minutes to finish the job.
  • This crossbow comes without dampening tool results into noisy hunting, it also needs waxing the strings every 10 shots.

Barnett Ghost 410 undisputedly a game changer. It is lightweight, finely-balanced, great performer, and most powerful crossbow. The lightening fast 410 FPS speed is the live example of a top-grade bow, which is capable of generating near about 150 ft-lbs of kinetic energy. No matter if you are a beginner or experienced hunter it perfectly suits both.

  • Presently the fastest(410Fps) crossbow in the market
  • Lightweight, and compact design
  • Highly powerful and pin-point accuracy (one can hit 2″ circle from over 60 yards with just day’s practice)
  • It makes loud noise due to the lack of dampening system

3. TenPoint Venom Xtra Review –  Precision crafted, hunting enthusiast’s choice

Tenpoint Venom Xtra review

TenPoint Venom Xtra operates the same platform of Venom but has the huge edge due to the laminated wood stock, plenty accessories, and target bow expertise. This crossbow primarily designed for the keen hunter, collectors, or shooting enthusiast who calls the best.

Targeting with TenPoint’s Range Master Pro Scope is super advanced and convenient. Which is adjustable and pre-installed on a 7/8-inch machined aluminum fixed dovetail mount. Here comes Venom Xtra’s biggest advantage, this scope has a 60 yards setting say a lot about the resulting greatest performance. Meanwhile, a majority of crossbow performance declines after 50 yards.

The Maintenance, durability of an ultra high-tech crossbow is quite sensitive and complex issue! But Venom Xtra’s stock assembly narrates the entirely different script. Its ultra fine quality stock furnished in a weather-resistant, semi-gloss finish with a non-slip rubber butt plate. The 19.9 inches woven carbon fiber barrel and dual laminated limbs make it highly durable, capable of withstanding years of rough weather and uses.

Its ultra fine quality stock furnished in a weather-resistant, semi-gloss finish with a non-slip rubber butt plate. The 19.9 inches woven carbon fiber barrel and dual laminated limbs make it highly durable, capable of withstanding years of rough weather and uses.

This bow has a unique combination of much narrow 13.25 inches XLT bow assembly,  and longer than standard 13.5 inches power stroke. Weighing at decent 6.7 pounds the embedded carbon fiber barrel with longer power stroke can shot arrows up to 372 FPS speed.

Do you think cocking a crossbow is the most tricky job? If yes, then you earned the biggest edge here as it provides you the double choice of  ACUdraw or ACUdraw 50, TenPoint’s proprietary cocking systems.

Safety feature gains extended priority which includes DFI(dry fire inhibitor), and auto-engaging safety trigger. Which means, you face very few possibilities of accidental shot triggering.

Indeed, it is a criterion of crossbow attributes and real-time performance and sells only as a complete package. If you are crazy for premium customized outlook in a crossbow along with top-tier performance, then TenPoint Venom Xtra worth a try.

  • High-grade craft and designing
  • Advanced, and multi facilitator accessories
  • Finest quality cocking and safety mechanism
  • Great Scope
  • Excellent noise dampening tools
  • Expensive but worth it
  • May proves overkill for small game

4. Horton NH15001-7552 Storm RDX Review – Extremely compact and Great performer

Horton Innovations NH15001-7552 Storm RDX review

Horton’s adrenalin-booster weaponry ‘built for the hunter, who love to challenge the tradition and not settle for anything but the best.’

The Storm RDX is quite extraordinary following its reverse draw mechanism, ultra-narrow bow assembly, and exceptionally narrow axle-to-axle features.

Extreme maneuverability, excellent user comfort, with maximum performance are the signature attributes of the best hunting crossbow. Surprisingly, this reverse draw crossbow accurately falls in place and deliver the significant boost to your finest hunting adventure.

Here the visible firsts; the backward pointed limbs and riser are quite unorthodox but offer lots of great advantage. This design is amazingly narrow, powerful, lighter, shifts center of gravity back towards the shooter resulting in greater operational control and comfort.

For extra comfort, it has adjustable butt plate and cheek plate. These two additions work wonder for pre-targeting and make perfect your eye-level alignment and length of pull.

Now coming to the revolutionary specifics make it such productive crossbow. Reverse Draw Technology (RDX) made the core of bow supported by 13 inches tactical 165-pound limbs. It is powered by RDX Cam System and DyneFlight 97 string and cables.

Generating huge power performance from such a small, compact frame is pretty amazing. Storm RDX shoots 400-grain bolts at a lightening 370 FPS speed, with 122 foot-pounds of kinetic energy. Having this magnitude of power permits you to hunt any game of your choice from small game to deer, moose, or giant beer.

Further, it has two standard and Premium package options comprising of scope, cocking mechanism, Quiver, with carbon arrows and practice points. Choose as per your choice.

This crossbow is very covert and quiet. Dual string rope actually assists to reduce vibrations, and latest arrow retention brush removes the sound arise by using metal retention piece.

Provided 4×32 multi-line scope(standard package) better works for a 330 FPS speed crossbow shooting up to 40 yards. For better observation, onto longer distance shots you must upgrade with premium TenPoint 3x Pro-view scope.

The ACUdraw cocking mechanism makes you apply only 5-pounds of pull to crank it, which can be done with a single finger.

Hunting with Storm RDX is an incredible adventure. With just 10-inch narrow axle-to-axle measurement you can exploit very tight spaces, which is earlier inaccessible for crossbow hunts.

  • Very narrow bow assembly
  • 16.5 inches power stroke
  • Extremely accurate and quieter
  • Greater balance and comfort
  • Compact size
  • Low Maintenance
  • Adjustable stock
  • A bit heavy
  • The scope is not calibrated for crossbow speed

5. Killer Instinct FURIOUS 370 FRT Review – Tactical, high-performance crossbow

Killer Instinct FURIOUS 370 FRT Crossbow review

Killer Instinct has the best and most advanced trigger tech trigger available for crossbows, makes it the finest upgrade out there.

Furious 370 is fast, accurate, compact, dedicated crossbow for robust big-game hunting. With high-tech features and tactical profile, it happens to be the best choice for budget-minded hunters. It is fast and loaded with the finest technology and top performance bar of a premium-segment bow at about half cost of others.

Having the cutting-edge FRT 2.0 LB Frictionless Release Technology it able to deliver absolute accuracy. The military standard, two-pound trigger with low creep BCY strings produce a clean, crisp shot every time.

It features an elite soft-moulded ergonomic AR-15 grip with beavertail helps shooter fully accommodate with the shot. The adjustable CCS buttstock system is lightweight, compact, and highly comfortable improves reaction time and accuracy. Mil-spec buffer tube with five-position adjustment system is reliable and friction fit. Included Deadening noise and vibration silencers incorporate stealthy quietness makes a super value addition.

The optics are excellent includes red/green rheostat illumination, multiple brightness settings, and multi-coated lens to amazing clarity. The reticles are capable enough to reach the adequate harvest range of 60 yards. With innovative connekt ICS crank cocking system shooter actually manages the targeting process.

With 185 pounds draw weight it can shoot at the speed of 370 feet per second. Premium string and cables, finest RealTree Xtra finish, and a precision CNC aluminum rail are other real value additions.

The tactical, battle-ready appearance and user experience make Killer Instinct Furious FRT 370 a standalone crossbow in the field. Collectively this crossbow is finely-balanced and great value for the price.

  • Great Trigger a crossbow can have
  • Signature trigger tech FRT technology
  • Top crossbow for the right out of box users
  • Best grip in the industry
  • Highly accurate, customized pro user bow
  • Compact, lightweight, and durable
  • Lack of information about the battery of scope

6. Barnett BCX Buck Commander Extreme – Speedy and Lightweight

 Barnett BCX Buck Commander Extreme CRT Crossbow review

Barnett’s Carbon Riser technology drastically sheds 43% weight and results into one of the lightest compound crossbows in the market. Due to all carbon aluminum construction, and only 7.1 pounds weight it can maneuver in bushes very swiftly.

BCXtreme is well balanced which makes it comfortable to handle, and steady built helps to fire accurate shots without trembling. It’s compactly built body is the real delight to use on hands or over a tree stand.

The Buck Commander Extreme package packs far more arsenal than its rivals at a price. Including multiple advanced pro-user features one can begin hunting right out of the box. Producing 118 ft./pounds kinetic energy, it is capable of shooting arrows at overwhelming 365 feet per second. Such power is enough to penetrate deep into the target.

It doesn’t come with a noise dampener that bounds to make a sound when you release the trigger.

This crossbow comes with illuminated 3 x 32 mm scope which can be adjusted to take accurate shots even from 60 yards constantly. With 185 pounds draw weight it is not a smooth task to cock a crossbow. Although, the presence of rope-cocking device the challenge is quite easier to handle.

  • Excellent performance at the reasonably competitive price
  • Anti Dri fire system prevents the dry shooting
  • Ergonomic design with a durable build quality
  • Ultra aggressive appearance
  • Best crossbow for the money
  • Absence of Sling in the package is a real shocker

7. Barnett Outdoors Ghost 360 CRT – Blistering Fast and Economical

Barnett Outdoors Ghost 360 CRT review

The Ghost 360 CRT is another reputed crossbow from the legendary house of Barnett. With patented carbon riser technology performance exceals in line with its legacy and built package worth every spent buck.

This crossbow is credited with an incredible balance of weight size and speed providing enhanced control. Its compact and lightweight design prove highly useful for confined hunting zones. Weighing only 7 pounds this crossbow is very easy to carry around and operate for both experienced as well as rookie hunters.

Pinpoint accuracy is another significant advantage. Further, combine with up to 115 ft./pounds kinetic energy you can shoot down any small or large game in a flash. Having 360 feet per second speed, it can easily keep pace with a moving target.

Safety gains major priority here with the Anti-Dry-Fire (ADF)trigger and a safety bar. Other distinguish features are 14 inches power stroke, finger reminders, and pass through fore-grips.

This amazing crossbow lacks in only one area that is cocking mechanism. Only 165 pounds draw weight make it the best choice for younger archers.

  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Highly accurate
  • Barnetts 5-1 safety firing system
  • Adjustable scope for consistent accuracy
  • Easy to carry and use
  • No cocking mechanism

8. Barnett Jackal  – Best Affordable Crossbow for Beginners

 Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package review

The Jackal – a perfect crossbow choice for beginners specially designed by the house of Barnett. This complete crossbow package comprising quick-detach quiver, arrows, and premium red dot sight within just $200 proves a fantastic deal.

Even being a compound crossbow, it requires approx 10 minutes time for assembling, which is quite amazing.

Here the package short of two things those are rope cocking device and broadheads. Once you add them, you are ready for a hunt.

This Barnett crossbow provides a range of benefits to the user, let’s have a look.

  • The combination of high energy wheels synthetic strings and cable system delivers powerful and fast shots.
  • With a maximum draw weight of 150 pounds, it can produce arrow speeds of maximum 315 feet per second.
  • The quad limb assembly provides crucial stability, while the pairing of lightweight stock and generated power makes it a deadly weapon to any hunter.
  • The ADF MIM trigger mechanism provide value for a smooth 3.5 mm trigger pull. Also, a divided foregrip ensures comfortable hand placement.
  • It has absolute raw power which is enough to take down a big game like elk even from a distance of 50 yards smoothly.

The crossbow is pretty loud when you fire a bolt which seems its only drawback. Further, this issue efficiently handled by the addition of a dampening system.

By the account of all facts and figures, Barnett Jackal is the best crossbow for beginners irrespective of uses be it a hunt or training shoot. Getting stylish design, great power, accuracy, and safety system at very affordable prices from a highly reputed brand like Barnett makes a win-win deal.

  • Top crossbow for the rookie and intermediate users
  • Extremely affordable prices with excellent features
  • Great design and pretty robust construction
  • Easy to assemble, fast, and accurate
  • Rope cocking device is not provided in the package
  • Noisy due to the absence of dampening system

9. Arrow Precision Inferno Fury – Ultralight Crossbow (Under $200)

 Arrow Precision Inferno Fury Crossbow Kit review

Inferno Fury is widely popular, ultralight, and the lowest priced crossbow in our selection. Being cheaper doesn’t mean a compromised quality, which remains intact here.

This Recurve crossbow ideal for first timers in pursuit of a lightweight, fully equipped, and affordable package. Also, perfect for seasoned crossbow veterans seeking a lighter substitute can be used right out of the box.

With 175 pounds of draw weight and 235 feet per second speed, it has 20-30 feet effective kill range. Delivering 46 ft./pounds of energy at such distance is sufficient to hunt down deer and antelope. The Inferno Fury Crossbow is not made for the big game hunting.

Military-grade fiberglass design, durable build, and extremely low price (Under $200) is more than enough for this budget. The Arrow Precision Inferno Fury is equipped with everything you require to begin right away with both hunting or archery.

  • The lowest weight (4.8 pounds) crossbow in our selection
  • Best crossbow under $200 segment
  • Best entry-level or beginners crossbow
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Perfect for small game hunting or target shooting
  • Great value for money and customer service
  • Being very slow and less power not capable of big hunting
  • Provided arrows are of lower quality

10. Barnett Wildcat C5 – Great Value Crossbow

Barnett Wildcat C5 review

Here is Wildcat C5 one of the most selling and favored crossbows from Barnett’s leading product line. It comes with speed, comfort, and performance exclusively designed for first timers and intermediate class hunters.

Assembling is very easy. If you have ever assembled a crossbow earlier, you can make the Wildcat C5 ready in just 5 minutes.

Build and Design Specifications

This crossbow designed to stay focussed on durability. Everything made to perfection right from the lightweight GAM stock, vented quad limbs with high energy wheels, and a thumbhole grip. Wider stock butt provides comfort to target and minimizes recoil effect. All these joining with powerful CROSSWIRE string and cable system swiftly manage the 150 pounds of draw weight.

Although it weighs 8.5 lbs, which is heaviest in comparison to rest in our collection. But it felt quite light credit goes to its highly balanced construction. Small dimensions give an edge in handling and ease of use.

Feature and Performance stats

Barnett Wildcat C5 Package loaded with a range of finest features which firmly dedicated to best performance.

  • Blazing 320 feet per seconds (FPS) firing velocity.
  • It generate 91 foot-pounds of kinetic energy capable enough to tackle moving and still targets.
  • Comes with a quick-detach quiver and three 20-inch solid bolts.
  • Premium 3 red-dot sight is accurate up to 30 yards.
  • Compact measurement – (26.75 x 35.5 ) inches.
  • Barnett provides 5 years limited warranty which is pretty amazing.
  • Anti-dry fire system enhances safety aspects.
  • Operating noise level is not high. For silent shooting, Wildcat C5 is short of a good Dampening system.

The Name ‘Barnett’ synonymous with trendsetting crossbow designs and manufacturing which rules the crossbow market. Wildcat C5 comes with an innovative design, which is fast, powerful, and durable. Low maintenance, great accuracy, and a cocking device add-on facility turn it into the finest crossbow ever produced.

This unique approach crossbow brings everything you require on a hunt with a very reasonable price tag. Now, you only going to love it.

  • Great innovative design
  • Suitable for both hunting and target shooting
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Beginners choice. Great value for money
  • Deadly and accurate
  • Provided rope cocking device doesn’t perform well on higher bars
  • The Package doesn’t have a rope cocking device

Crossbow Buyers Guide: How to Choose the Best

Best Crossbow Reviews

Here is the flashing tagline with every review says “Don’t rush with your money, check back the compatibility as par with your requirements and buy the best crossbow.”

Apparently, till now you have narrowed down your possible best options, it’s time to pick a final best for yourself.The entire crossbow selection process based on some crucial factors, comprising of the following:

  • Draw weight of the bow
  • Speed of the bolt/arrow
  • The Scope
  • Cocking Aids

If these above boxes are right checked and found good, the user cleared to purchase the bow. Besides these, there are other important factors such as the accessories and some additional features comes in play.

– The draw weight: Means the amount of power required to pull and cock the arrow before firing. The standard parameters are falls in between 75 to 200 pounds. ‘Higher the draw weight, faster the arrow velocity, more power required to pull the string, and much deadlier the shot will be.’

– Appropriate speed:  The minimum recommended for hunting with a bow is 300 FPS. Here, it says the bows with high draw weight, and light bow weight are must also those delivering greater velocity arrow shots. Such speed is crucial for hunting large games which can kill the prey with the one shot. Higher speed further enhances the force with which the arrow hits the designated target. Interestingly it is also a principal factor of hunting doctrine.

– A good scope is paramount: If you wish to have a perfect shot from a far away from comfortable distance that delivers a lethal blow with a single hit. The power of shooting projectile and bow weight also plays a crucial role in it. These scopes are critical to the accuracy of shots comes in multiple variations like the single red dot, the optical, multi-reticle, and multi-red dot.

– Cocking devices are always helpful: For pin-point accuracy, correct cocking is compulsory. Mainly there are three ways to cock a modern crossbow; the manual cocking, elastic rope or straps, and the crank cocking. The middle one is widely used while the crank option is the easiest one.

– Noise: affects the hunting adventure which can be prevented by using noise-dampening measures. For silent hunting, choose a crossbow with parallel limbs. Cam mechanisms are the reason of noisier hunts.

Real-time test experience of Excalibur Matrix 380 explaining why it is our No.1 crossbow choice

Lightening fast recurve crossbow function upon the reliability and functionality of Excalibur’s next-gen matrix series technology. Greater power, blazing arrow speed, unique compact design, and higher quietness make it a deadly hunting weaponry.

The Matrix 380 added by compact tact-zone crossbow scope fires arrows at blazing 380 FPS. It’s 260 pounds draw weight, and 13.1 inches power-stroke generate sheer power to went through any largest game. R.E.D.S.suppressors reduce noise and vibration thus making your hunt highly productive.

Want to know Barnett Ghost 410 – Our all-around exclusive selection?

The Editor’s choice Barnett Ghost 410 carry an incredible ratio of fierce 410 FPS shooting speed and weight of just 7.2 pounds. Also, smoothly operated by beginners as well as professionals.

This crossbow is a real game changer with its excellent profile and features, while the absence of noise suppressors makes it louder. Except for the fact, this crossbow is a universal choice among all kind of users and superbly efficient on the job.

Some other crucial facts any user must know

  • Most importantly, all bow users make sure to wax the entire string on a regular basis as it helps to last longer.
  • Lubrication of rail, trigger box, and other mounting bolts is also necessary;  It reduces friction, provides smoother traction for the arrow which significantly increases accuracy.
  • Adjustment and correct use of scope are crucial for crossbow’s performance.
  • Make a habit of inspecting your crossbow and arrows before shooting.
  • Unnecessary pulling off a string without mounting the bolt cause harsh damage to the bow.
  • For first time users, the product manual is immensely helpful to understand and learn to use a new bow. Maintaining a bow is equally important as it directly affects the durability and operational life. However, it also depends on user handling, proper use, and good care help to stay longer.

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