12 Best Dash Cam For Truckers 2020 – Top Picks & Ultimate Buying Guide

The right gadget, in the right place, at the right time can make a huge difference to the outcome of any situation. The best dash cam for truckers is one of those gadgets.

Whether you own an expensive truck, or you are looking after a fleet of trucks; you need to know what is happening, whether for security or to make insurance claims easier. It can also be a real benefit when investigating any situation; giving you the actual facts concerning an event.

Don’t forget that the best dash cam for truckers will have night vision and will monitor the front and the rear of your vehicle; perhaps even the sides. That’s why it is so important to take a look at this guide to the best dash cam for truckers before you choose your camera.

How To Choose The Best Dash Cam For Truckers

There are several things you need to consider before selecting a dash cam:


The price of the best dash cam for truckers can vary widely depending on the manufacturer you choose, the features you need, and the quality of the image.

That’s why it is essential to consider what budget you have available for this purchase. Knowing what you have available to spend will help you to narrow your search.


It is essential that you verify the reputation of your dash cam manufacturer. Choosing one of the most well known will make it easier to talk to them if you have an issue.

It is a good idea to take a look at what is being said on social media sites. Most comments should be positive. However, there will always be some negative thoughts that have been shared. You should read these in context. It is impossible for any business to keep every single customer happy; you need to know what the issue was and how the business dealt with it.

This will tell you a lot about their real customer service.


It is important to consider when you’ll be using the camera and which features will be essential to you. For instance, if you drive a lot at night you should invest in a dash cam that has night vision. Equally, if you regularly carry expensive loads you may want to install a camera in your cargo bay.


In order to utilize the images on your dash cam, it needs to have enough storage space to retain the images and allow you to use them to prove your case when you need to. This means it is important to check the memory size on your dash cam.

Alternatively, you can choose a camera that automatically downloads the data to the cloud or another device.

Instant Save

The best dash cams for truckers will have an instant save option; this can be activated in an emergency to ensure the necessary footage is saved. You’ll find this very useful if you’re involved in an accident or some other altercation.

Mounting Position

It is important that you be able to mount the camera in the best position to get the view you want. Some dash cams are fitted to your dashboard. But, the better ones are usually windscreen mounted as this gives you a large amount of flexibility to get the positioning right.

Power Supply

If you simply link the dash cam into your vehicle power supply you’ll have one of two issues:

  1. Flat Battery

Assuming you connect the dash cam directly to your battery it will continue to work while you’re parked and sleeping. However, you may find that your truck doesn’t want to start in the morning as the battery has been flattened by the dash cam recording all night.

  1. No Video

If you link it to your ignition it will turn off as soon as the engine is shut down; meaning that it won’t record anything when you really need it to.

That’s why you need to consider adding in an extra battery which can be charged by your engine but gives the dash cam all the power it needs.


Finally, it is essential that you consider the resolution of your camera. If you want to be able to rely on the images for insurance purposes, police reports, or simply to identify your staff; you need to get the best possible quality images.

How To Install A Dash Cam

Another thing to consider is how you install your dash cam. The process should be straightforward, even if you’re doing it yourself. Most dash cams will come with a mounting kit that allows you to stick them to your windscreen in whatever position you prefer.

The really important step when fitting a dash cam is to make sure the wires are well hidden. This is important as you don’t want anyone to damage these and ruin your attempt to record them!

  • You will need to choose the location of your dash cam and stick it into position. Make sure it is not going to block your view of the road ahead.
  • The next step is to decide the route your cable will take. It should be from the dash cam to the fuse box and be hidden for as much of the route as possible. Carefully tuck the cable behind the headliner and any other trim to conceal it.
  • Identify a fuse. There are several options here. You can find one that is only live when the engine is running. This will ensure the camera turns on and off with the engine. However, this won’t give you security when you’re not driving the truck.

You can choose a fuse that is live all the time, but you will run the risk of having a flat battery unless you have a motion sensor camera.

The best option is more complicated. You need to fit a second ‘leisure’ battery to your vehicle with a dual charger that will allow it to charge from the alternator; in the same way, as your main battery does. You can then add a new fuse to the fuse box, connected to this leisure battery. This can then become a permanent power source for your dash cam; without fear of flattening your battery.

  • You’ll need to ground the dash cam; you should be able to see a grounding point near the fusebox.
  • You’re now ready to test your dash cam; particularly the storage and playback function.

12 Best Dash Cams For Truckers 2020

Check out the best dash cam for truckers:

Wheel Witness HD Pro2k3"
Garmin Dash Cam 351080p3"
Falcon Zero F170 Dash Cam1080p2.7"
Anker ROAV C1 Dash Cam1080p2.4"
Old-Shark Dash Cam1080p3"
APEMAN Dash Cam” Dash Cam1080p3"
VAVA dash cam1080pN/A
YI Wide Angle Dashboard Camera” Dash Cam1080p2.7"
Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Cam1080p1.5"
AUKEY Dash Cam1080p2"
Rexing V1 Car Dash Cam1080p2.4"
Old-Shark 3” Dash Cam1080p3"

1. Wheel Witness HD Pro

 WheelWitness HD PRO Dash Cam with GPS review

This is a smart looking bit of kit and arguably the best dash cam for anyone needing video images, location and speed. It’s perfect for fleet managers who need to know where their vehicles are and what they were doing.

It’s also the right solution for an independent trucker looking to prove an accident wasn’t their fault.

You’ll find this dash cam is very easy to fit and works as a plug and play, no real set-up is required.

The Wheelwitness has a list of impressive features:

  • Fantastic resolution of 2306 x 1296, it even offers a 2560 x 1080 HD mode
  • Uses HDR technology to ensure good quality video even in low light
  • Has 6 lenses and uses the Sony EXMOR CMOS sensor to get the best quality pictures
  • Has GPS built in to track your truck and your progress
  • The camera offers 170° view, helping you to capture everything that is going on
  • Has micro SD slot for storage
However, it should be noted that it uses continuous loop recording. This does make the playback run smoothly but it can also cost you valuable images if the data is not downloaded to another storage device.

2. Garmin Dash Cam 35

Garmin Dash Cam 35 review

It’s not surprising to find a Garmin on the best dash cam for truckers list. They have been producing high-quality GPS trackers and other electronic gadgets for many years.

The Dash 35 is a great example of their technology. The image quality is slightly lower than the Wheelwitness but still an impressive 1080 x 720, with HD. You’ll also find the 3” inch screen is great for monitoring the area around your truck. You can even fit one to the rear to use as a reversing camera.

As soon as it is turned on it will start recording; all you need is an SD card. It can handle up to 64GB and the card can be replaced when full; avoiding the issue of having overwritten the footage you need.

The feature list is quite impressive:

  • HD lens to ensure the best possible picture
  • Inbuilt ‘G-sensors’; this locks an incident into the memory, preventing it from being overwritten
  • Subscribe to the cloud service and you’ll have a red light reading ability
  • Collision protection; if you’re too close to another vehicle the dash cam will give you an audible warning
  • Night video quality is also excellent
Again, no device is perfect and the Garmin Dash 35 does appear to have very stiff menu buttons; making it harder than necessary to operate; especially when you really need to.

3. Falcon Zero F170 Dash Cam

Falcon Zero F170 HD Dash Cam review

If you’re only interested in recording when driving then this is the camera for you. It’s well designed, discreet, and starts working the moment you turn the ignition on.

As with both the above options, you’ll find a high-quality camera, offering HD quality video and a resolution of 1920 x 1080. It even has a motion detection mode if you don’t want it recording continuously.

The best features of the Falcon Zero F170 are:

  • 170° view
  • 7” screen to see what it sees
  • SD card slot for storing the video footage. It comes with an 8GB card but this can be increased
  • Has swivel ball mount, allowing you to turn it to the action; if necessary
  • Emergency mode supported by vibration or impact; starts it recording even when the engine is off
  • Can provide 12 megapixel still photos of the images it has recorded
  • 5-year warranty
  • High-quality night vision recording
Of course, the fact that it switches off with the ignition unless your truck is jolted is an issue. It means the dash cam may not capture the incident as it happens, leaving your truck vulnerable.

4. Anker ROAV C1 Dash Cam

ROAV DashCam C1 review

This offering from Anker is also well suited for truckers that need a camera when driving but are not so worried about when the truck is parked up. Although it does have an impact sensor, it won’t record when the engine is off.

While the impact sensor will trigger the camera to start recording, it won’t capture the information leading up to the impact and could fail to spot the issue, depending on where on your truck the impact is.

This is a great dash cam without a high-end price. Here are the main specs:

  • Wide angle lens allowing you to record 4 lanes of traffic at a time
  • Excellent night vision
  • HD 1080 pixel recording
  • Image recording can be downloaded to a mobile device via the ROAV app; allowing you to monitor your truck from anywhere
  • Motion/impact sensor for when the video is switched off
  • Designed to continue operating whether the temperature is 19°F or 149°F
  • Micro-SD slot which can handle a card up to 128GB; ensuring the video you need is captured and stored

It is worth noting that Anker has received a number of great reviews regarding their support levels, whether you’re driving in the US, Europe or even Japan!

But, you should also be aware that this isn’t the smallest product on the market, nor does it have a really sleek, polished finished. It is a functional and practical bit of kit.

5. Old-Shark Dash Cam

OldShark Dash Cam review

This is a high-quality model that has received an array of positive feedback from its customers. Although initially designed as a car dash cam, it lends itself well to trucks. It’s also very easy to install, allowing you to move it between trucks or even add it to your car.

In appearance, it represents a cross between a smartphone and a traditional digital camera. But don’t be fooled by this simplistic look! This is a good bit of kit:

  • It has an f1.6 aperture with 1080 pixels and a 170° wide angle lens. It will see everything going on in front of your truck
  • Auto accident feature will detect when an impact has occurred and automatically store the video images before and after the impact; giving you all the information you need to persuade your insurers to pay
  • Takes an SD card although this is not included in the purchase
  • Stable chip feature to ensure the image is smooth and stable, no matter how bad the road
  • Made with zinc alloy, giving great protection against the elements; including temperatures as low as -15°F and as high as 160°F
  • Emergency Lock button allows you to manually lock an image into the memory if required
It is important to note that this is another dash cam that turns off with your ignition. It’s a good option if you only want to record while you drive; but not the best dash cam for truckers if you’re interested in what is happening around your vehicle when it’s parked.

6. APEMAN Dash Cam

 APEMAN Dash Cam review

This advanced and latest truck cam by APEMAN comes with upgraded quality and sensors. It is a stylish yet reliable truck dash cam that features simultaneous recording and 1080p high definition recording. There is a built-in 3 inches full HD+ capacitive touchscreen display that allows you to view and replay the videos. The camera sensor is 170 degrees ultra-wide sensor that captures the whole view rather than just focusing on the road. You don’t get any blind spots and all the details are captured.

The camera comes with a built-in G-shock sensor that detects any sudden movements if the vehicle gets into an accident or receives a jerk. This sensor keeps the video going on and prevents any loss of data. The best part is that it allows the user to retrieve all the data in case of an accident as well.

The night vision makes everything even better. The user can even record his/her journey during the night as well. The images obtained are sharp and color corrected. You don’t need an active source of energy for capturing the images either.


  • APEMAN C450 1080p dash cam
  • 3 inches full HD+ capacitive LCD touchscreen display
  • 170 degrees ultra-wide sensor
  • Night vision with sharp and color corrected imaging
  • G-shock sensor with an emergency accident lock
  • Parking monitoring mode for 24 hours
The product works great for the price overall, but the menu is quite complex and the setup options are not very clear. It also does not include an SD card in the package.

7. VAVA dash cam

 VAVA Dash Cam review

This smart truck dash cam is an all-in-one kind of package that features high-quality features, construction, and sensors. It has a Novatek CPU that provides its efficient processing and Sony sensor. The dash cam features 1080p recording with 60 fps capturing. The high-quality Sony sensor provides high definition imaging abilities. Its 360 degrees rotating swivel is without a doubt its best feature. Since it is a smart cam, via the VAVA google play store application and Wi-Fi connection of the cam, the videos can be played back, edited and viewed easily on your android phone.

The advanced Sony sensor provides IR LED lights for night vision. You can easily capture anything outside or inside your car with the help of this night vision sensor. The camera has a built-in GPS system as well that can track your route and speed as well. Apart from installing it in your truck, this camera can also be used for geospatial purposes. It can be easily installed on the windshield or the dashboard, the strong suction cup keeps the camera in place.


  • Sony IMX323 CMOS image sensor that provides 1080p resolution and captures sharp and crisp images
  • NT96663 CPU which provides the high processing abilities of this smart dash cam
  • 360 degrees swivel angle that can capture details inside and outside the car
  • Built-in GPS imbeds route and speed information with the video
  • Loop recording for overwriting previous video clips
The application used for controlling the camera is not user-friendly and has Wi-Fi issues at times.

8. YI Wide Angle Dashboard Camera

Yi dash camera review

This efficient YI dash cam features an advanced driver assistance system that comes with real-time intelligence. This system lets the user know any kind of lane departure warnings, forward collision warnings, safe distance, and some other safety precautions. The ADAS system is definitely the star of this dash cam. It comes with advance level visual recognition as well. In case of a severe shock or jerk, the camera does not stop recording and keeps the recording saved as well so that it can be retrieved later.

The dash cam records time-lapse videos with 60 fps capturing. The camera sensor also features a night mode which captures high definition images and videos. The sensor installed in this dash cam is an ultra-wide sensor that captures everything between 0 and 165 degrees. The imaging sensor is very sensitive and can capture images and videos without any blind spots. This dash cam also comes with a built-in 2.7 inches screen for replaying the videos.


  • Advanced driver assistance service that helps the driver using its advanced visual recognition
  • Ultra-wide 165 degrees sensor for full coverage
  • G-shock sensor system which keeps the recording going during accidents
  • High definition night imaging
  • Built-in Wi-Fi system for fast and smart sharing of captured videos and images
  • IR filter for better quality night imaging
The specifications of the sensor are pretty good, but the mount is not very sturdy. It cannot hold the dash cam on the windshield.

9. Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Cam

 Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Cam review

This Dashcam by Vanture is towards the expensive side but provides the best features that can help you record the outdoor snaps as well as the car interior. It has an advanced Novatek CPU that provides high-end processing and an advanced Sony sensor at both sides of the cam. This helps in simultaneous recording of the interior and exterior. The sensor capturing the outdoor images and videos has a swath of 170 degrees and the sensor capturing the interior has a swath of 140 degrees. Both the sensors have 30 fps capturing and come with IR night vision. They have a total of 4 IR LEDs that allow high quality and well-contrasted images to be captured during the night time or in dim light.

It comes with 24 hours parking mode which means the camera is constantly navigating the car’s surroundings and as soon as the ignition sparks the camera automatically starts recording. There is an automatic LCD turn off system which turns the screen off when the vehicle starts moving. This prevents any kind of distractions.


  • Dual dash cam system, one for exterior recording and one for interior recording. Enable simultaneous scene capturing
  • 4 IR LEDs for night vision
  • Parking mode for 24 hours and auto LCD shut off the system
  • G-Shock sensor and loop recording
  • 18 months warranty and 24/7 customer service
The screws on the mount lose their tightness every now and then. The users need a screwdriver in handy

10. AUKEY Dash Cam

AUKEY Dash Cam review

This reasonable yet premium quality dash cam comes with Sony Exmor sensor known for its crisp and crystal-clear imaging abilities. With a 10 degrees swath width, it captures all the details during day and night time. You can also get in-car audio with this dash cam. It has an emergency recording feature installed that records all the incidents in case of an accident or an emergency. For better durability, the camera is equipped with a supercapacitor that can endure lower and higher temperatures as compared to other dash cams. If it is placed in direct sunlight, you don’t have to worry about overheating problems.

It comes with a USB port for charging and a 2 inches LCD that is folded behind the camera. Thus, while driving and recording, the LCD is not visible to the driver to prevent distractions. The mounting pad included in the package works great and is double sided along with a suction cup. Hence, the camera is totally secure. It comes with 45 days money back guarantee and 24 months warranty.


  • Sony Exmor sensor with 1080p video recording ability
  • Emergency recording in case of an incident
  • Supercapacitor which ensures high and low temperatures efficiently
  • A dual-charging USB port
  • A car charging for charging on the go
  • 45 days money back guarantee and 24 months warranty
Even though most dash cams don’t have an audio feature this one does but the audio quality is pretty bad, and it is better not to use it.

11. Rexing V1 Car Dash Cam

 Rexing V1 Car Dash Cam review

This Dash cam comes with a mid-range price and a low-profile design. When you install it in your car, it is most likely that no one will notice it. It is well-hidden yet can capture a wide view of the road ahead. With Sony Exmor camera sensor, it captures full HD+ videos and images. The camera sensor features an auto mode that adjusts the exposure and other features based on the environment’s light situation. It has a large swatch of 170 degrees and captures the whole view without any blind spots.

It has 3 video recording options: 3, 5 or 10 minutes. these videos are recorded in loops after regular intervals. In case the memory card gets full, the oldest video is overwritten. However, if the camera senses a jerk or a collision, the video recorded during that interval is kept safe and is not overwritten. It also comes with a 24 hours parking monitor that keeps an eye on your surroundings and starts recording as soon as the vehicle ignites.


  • Sony Exmor sensor with 1080p recording
  • Low-profile design keeps the camera hidden
  • A large swath of 170 degrees
  • Auto accident detection
  • 24 hours of parking mode
It does not include a micro SD card in the kit neither a hardware kit for the camera. With the price, this is a turn-off.

12. Crosstour dash cam

Crosstour Dash Cam review

This reasonable dash cam by Crosstour can be easily compared with high-end and high-quality dash cams that come with a much more expensive price tag. It comes with a 3 inches LCD screen and 12 MP resolution. The large display screen allows the user to see all the details easily without having to transfer it on the laptop. With a large viewing angle of 170 degrees, you will be able to see all four lanes of the road. It has 6 layers of glass fixed focus on the sensor that provides better light capturing.

The built-in G-sensor is very susceptible to shock and jerks. The big aperture of the sensor along with wide dynamic range makes a good combination. The picture quality received is much clearer and has no noise at all. This combination also allows good quality night imaging and also captures the license plate of the car even in low light. It also has built-in motion detection, timestamp, and auto power off system for battery saving.


  • 12 MP camera
  • 3 inches LCD screen
  • 10 degrees wide swath with G-sensor
  • Wide dynamic range and big aperture
For longer drivers you will need more than one SD card since a 32 GB card can only hold data for 4 hours drive.

The Bottom Line

The best dash cam for truckers is undoubtedly the Wheelwitness HD Pro with GPs. Alongside the fact that it tracks your progress, it has the highest quality image of all the dash cams on offer at present.

That will be important if you ever need to use the footage as evidence of an accident or even an attack.

However, all the dash cams on this list are good quality and the Anker does have the additional benefit of downloading data to a mobile; this makes it a good option for fleet managers who need to see what is happening or even an independent trucker who wants to check on their stationary truck.

On a final note, it is always worth verifying the memory capabilities of your product. Choosing to hard wire the dash cam into a leisure battery will allow you to record the action when your truck is not in use; but you’ll need to make sure the SD card, or other storage option, can handle that much data.

One thing is certain, the best dash cam for truckers will make your life easier. It can be installed and largely forgotten about, but when you need it you’ll have the necessary evidence to deal with any issue.

It really is the black box for trucks, whether you’re an independent trucker, a fleet manager, or even an employee, get one of the above 5 and feel more confident and protected on the road. It’s a tough world out there and the best dash cam for truckers will help you make the most of every journey.

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