Best DJ Headphones: 10 Of The Best in 2020

The right headphones make a big difference in the quality of the sounds you hear. For any music lover, this is important, but for a DJ it’s the difference between success and failure. The best DJ headphones will ensure you know every nuance of a particular track and will allow you to blend each track perfectly into the next one.

That’s why you need the best DJ headphones possible, which is what this list is going to help you find.  Let’s take a look at the best DJ headphones you should be choosing from today:

The 10 Best DJ Headphones 2019

1. Sennheiser HD 25 Headphone – Best Overall

Sennheiser HD 25 review

You probably won’t be surprised to find Sennheiser topping the list as the best DJ headphones overall, you’ll be hard-pushed to beat them!

It should be noted that these aren’t the most expensive on the best DJ headphones list, but they are the best overall.


  • Lightweight aluminum voice coils
  • Single-sided cable – detachable
  • Rotatable cups
  • Closed backs
  • 10ft cable
  • Frequency response 30-16000Hz
  • Weigh 4 ounces


  • Range Of Sound

With aluminum, voice calls you’ll find that the Sennheiser HD 25’s offer an impressive range of tones. Whether you need to hear the bass, mid-range, or a little top end, you’ll hear every note perfectly.

  • Comfort

With soft and supple leather coating on the head strap and earmuffs, you’ll be surprised at just how comfortable the Sennheiser HD 25’s can be, hour after hour. It’s not just the comfort that Sennheiser has thought about, there is also an excellent level of noise isolation, helping you to focus on what counts, the music.

But, perhaps the best features are the rotating cup that allows you to comfortably listen with just one ear, and the fact that you can replace the aux cable if necessary, it’s detachable.

This means you’ll be able to keep playing no matter what happens.

  • Durability

Sennheiser has developed a name for itself as being reliable and durable, the HD25’s continue this tradition. From the moment you pick them up, they feel like a quality set of headphones and they’ll last.


  • Not The Best Looking

If you’re all about style then these aren’t the headphones for you. They’re built for quality sound and durable features, making them functional rather than attractive.

2. Pioneer Pro DJ HDJ-X5 – Great Budget Offering

Pioneer HDJ-X5 DJ headphones review


Pioneer couldn’t go for a short name but they have made a premium offering here that should keep most DJ’s very happy.


  • 40mm driver
  • 4 core twisted cable to boost sound and durability
  • Noise suppression technology
  • Foldable for portability
  • Detachable aux cord
  • Frequency 5-30000Hz
  • Weight 0.7 pounds


  • Light

These headphones are light and easy to wear, even if you have a particularly long set. In fact, you can easily forget you’re wearing them!

  • Durable

The HDJ-X5 are built to last, it doesn’t matter where you take them or what you use them for, you shouldn’t have an issue with them.

  • Block background Noise

It’s important for a DJ not to be distracted by noises around them, fortunately, the HDJ-X5’s are designed to do this job perfectly. You won’t know what’s going on around you!


  • Sound quality

The Pro HDJ-X5-K is not the most expensive option on the market and as such, it does lack a little in sound quality. This is mainly thanks to the 40mm drivers, the other offerings from Pioneer have larger drivers and better quality sound performance.

In particular, you’ll find yourself noticing the lack of bass.

3. Audio Technica ATH-M50x

 Audio-Technica ATH-M50x review

With 45mm aperture drivers, rare earth magnets, and copper-clad aluminum wire voice calls, you’re talking about a lot of impressive features for a small amount of money.


  • Closed-back headphones
  • Frequency response 15-30000 Hz
  • 45mm large-aperture drivers
  • Swiveling ear cups
  • Detachable cable & adaptors
  • Weighs 10.02 ounces


  • Sound Quality

This offering from Audi Technica does a great drop of hitting all the right tones, this is mainly due to the high-frequency response built into them.

  • Comfort & features

The ear cups swivel, allowing you to adjust the position for comfort or simply listen to one ear cup at a time.  This is great when you’re cuing up the next track.

  • Budget-friendly

These aren’t the cheapest headphones you can buy but they are excellent value for the money and worth considering. The flexibility, sound quality, and their popularity suggest they are worth investing in.


  • Rechargeable to be used with a wireless adaptor

While this is a good feature you’ll find that the battery life is very short, making it a good but not particularly helpful feature.

4. V-Moda Crossfade M-100

 V-MODA Crossfade M-100 review

These over-ear headphones are designed to cancel out external noises, making them a great option when being a DJ.


  • Wired
  • 50mm dual-diaphragm drivers – patented
  • Frequency response 5-30000 Hz
  • Exoskeleton carry case for protection
  • Foldable for storage
  • Lightweight


  • Build Quality

These headphones are built to last and have a premium feel. But, this is aided by the cliqfold system which allows you to fold the headphones small and slide them inside a protective case. Not only will you always have them with you, but you’ll also always be able to keep them safe.

  • Great Bass

Thanks to the speaker quality and the patented dual diaphragms you’ll find that every note is heard perfectly, especially the bass elements.

You’ll appreciate the immersive 3D soundstage which provides you with the sounds of a live performance.

  • Lightweight

The V-Moda headphones are surprisingly light, weighing just 9.9 ounces. All the components are of high quality, including metal build and vegan leather headbands. They aren’t just comfortable to wear, they will feel like they’re molded to your ears which isolating you from any background noises.


  • Plastic elements

The majority of these headphones are solid and durable but you are likely to find that any rigid plastic areas have a short lifespan, leaving you with the dilemma of replacing the panels or changing your headphones.

5. Shure SRH-750DJ

 Shure SRH750DJ review

Shure may not be as well-known as some of the other options on the best DJ headphones list, but they deserve their place here. They were made for DJ’s


  • Rotating cups
  • High Impedance
  • Closed-back
  • 50 mm neodymium driver
  • Frequency response 5–30000 Hz
  • Weight 1.75 pounds
  • 3m detachable cable


  • Flexibility

The ear cups swivel 90°, the headphones are lightweight, the cable is extremely long, and you’ll appreciate the impressive array of music tones. In short, this is a well-designed set of headphones that can accommodate home use or professional use.

The detachable cable is a useful feature when carrying the headphones or if the cable becomes damaged.

  • Sound quality

The Shure SRH has closed backs and a circumaural design that ensures they sit perfectly over your ears. The result is no discomfort, no matter how long you’re wearing them. The 50mm drivers and the closed design ensures all the music is heard by you while effectively canceling out background noise.

You’ll also be impressed by the fact that these do not have a flat response, that’s perfect for a DJ.


  • Comfort

Unfortunately, while the sound quality of these headphones is excellent, the headphones are not the most comfortable on the list. You may prefer to use them over one ear when working as a DJ.

6. Audio Technica ATH-M2OX

 Audio-Technica ATH-M20x review

The M50x has already appeared on the best DJ list but that doesn’t mean you should discount its little brother. These are more affordable but still an excellent option.


  • Includes high-sensitivity microphone
  • 45mm Large-Aperture drivers
  • Frequency response 10-30000 Hz
  • Weigh 1.6 pounds
  • Cushioned
  • Universal phone control


  • Sound Quality

The sound quality may not be quite as good as the M50x, but you’ll be surprised at how little difference there is. With great bass, 45mm drivers, and a good frequency response range, these headphones sound pretty impressive.

  • Sound Isolation

The over-the-ear design is perfect for keeping outside noise away, allowing you to focus on the job in hand.

  • Comfort

You’ll still appreciate the swivel cups, although the degree of swivel is less. But, you’ll also find that the padding is great, you can weight them for up to 6 hours without even noticing.


  • Microphone not worth it

The headphones come with a microphone but the quality of the mic means it’s not worth having. That doesn’t change the fact that the headphones are excellent quality.

7. Sony MDR-V55

Sony MDR V55 review

Sony has been making technological products for decades and they rarely disappoint. The MDR-V55 certainly doesn’t disappoint.


  • Fixed aux cable
  • Sensitivity 105dB
  • Frequency response 10-30000 Hz
  • 40-ohm impedance
  • Weighs 7.8 ounces


  • Price

You’ll struggle to find a pair of headphones that gives this level of quality at such an attractive price.

  • Foldable

The headphones can be folded up, making them easy to carry with you wherever you go. In addition, you’ll appreciate the reversible ear cup, allowing you to listen with just one ear anytime you want.

  • Sound Quality

This is potentially the most important element of any headphone and Sony doesn’t disappoint. The noise isolation ensures the mids and highs are crystal clear and the bass simply resonates through your body.


  • No Detachable Cable

This is probably worth not having but it’s important to be aware of it, especially when you’re working the decks. Walking away or snagging the cable can spell the end for your headphones if you can’t replace the cable.

8. Beats Mixr

 Beats by Dr. Dre review

These on-ear headphones by Dr. Dre offer some great acoustic performances in a tough, durable shell. Although they’re not for everyone, they’re plenty of fans out there.


  • Stylish
  • 40mm drivers
  • Folding cups
  • Detachable aux cable
  • Port for sharing music


  • Good Quality

The 40mm drivers help these headphones to provide you with good sound quality. However, what really defines them is the quality of the build. With a fixed cable you’ll never need to worry about batteries running out or being unable to connect

The headphones are durable and built to last, you won’t need to change them in a hurry.

  • Style

It’s hard to dispute that these headphones look good, this may make them more style than substance, but, if you like your bass, you’ll find it hard to beat these in both look and sound quality.


  • Bass Obsessed

Beats have built a reputation for being focused on bass and these headphones definitely lean that way. This may not be a bad thing but you definitely need to be aware of it.

9. Cowin E7 Pro

COWIN E7 PRO review

These may be a lesser-known brand but that doesn’t mean they’re a bad one. In fact, these could be the most stylish looking headphones on this best DJ headphones list.


  • Professional noise-canceling technology
  • 45mm Large aperture drivers
  • 90° swivel cups
  • Bluetooth equipped
  • Built-in microphone
  • Frequency 20Hz–20kHz
  • 5O hour battery life
  • Weigh 13.6 ounces


  • Comfort

The deep protein ear cushions will envelop your ear and ct out background sounds, at the same time they are exceptionally comfortable, you’ll never want to take them off.

  • Flexibility

There are no wires with these headphones, they rely on BlueTooth technology, giving you free rein of movement whether on the decks or simply chilling.

The ear cups also swivel 90° to ensure you can get the right listening position.

  • Sound Quality

With the large aperture drivers, you’ll have a good range of bass. This is backed by a complete range of mids and trebles, ensuring you don’t miss a beat.


  • Not Foldable

It’s worth noting that these headphones are not foldable, which makes it a little more complicated carrying them with you between gigs, etc.

10. Beyerdynamic DT-1350-80

Beyerdynamic DT-1350-80 review

This is potentially the most expensive headphone son the best DJ headphone list but you’re definitely getting a premium product that’s worth considering.


  • Supraaural design
  • 80-ohm drivers
  • Noise-reducing
  • 90° swivel on ear cups
  • Split headband
  • Frequency 5-30000Hz
  • Weight 6.1


  • Design

The first thing to note is that you can actually remove the ear cushions on these headphones, allowing you to wash them or replace them if they’re damaged. They also have a metal frame to ensure they’ll last for a long time.

The dual flexible headband also improves comfort without being intrusive.

  • Noise Cancellation

It’s highly likely that these headphones offer the best noise cancellation available. That makes them a great option for any professional DJ.

  • Sound Quality

The DT 1350 headphones offer an incredibly good range of music, covering the trebles, mids, and an impressive array of bass. In fact, the bass can be described as low and flat. They also work from an 80 ohm, meaning that distortion is much reduced compared to most other offerings.


  • Price

At over $200 this is not the cheapest option and you’ll have to consider carefully if it is the best option for you.  However, they are well put together and worth considering!

What Makes The Best DJ Headphones?

What Makes The Best DJ Headphones

To help you choose the best DJ headphones possible you should consider what makes the best DJ headphones.


It’s always worth spending a few minutes looking at the reputation of a manufacturer, supplier, and the specific headphones. You should also check social media and related forums, it will help to ensure the headphones you pick are as good as you think they are.


The longer you need to wear your headphones for the more comfortable they are going to need to be. That means looking at what type of headband they have, what material it’s made from, and whether any elements are replaceable.

Comfort and durability go hand-in-hand.


Of course, you should spend a few moments thinking about your budget. In most cases you simply need a pair of headphones that do the job. However, if you’re earning money as a DJ you’ll want the very best you can afford, it’s worth paying extra.

Wired or Wireless

A DJ should be just as happy with a wired pair of headphones as this is less likely to have noise disturbance. But, depending on the venue you may feel that wireless is a better option. Neither is wrong, it’s what suits you more.

The Sound

When you’re using headphones as a DJ you have to choose the best DJ headphones for sound quality, they’ll make a big difference to your ability to smoothly transition between tracks. If possible, you should hear the headphones in action before you buy them.


You can comfortably choose any of the headphones on this list and you’ll be happy with the results. What you’ll need to decide is which pair you like most, what range of sounds you want and the budget you have available.

Then, you’ll be able to pick the very best DJ headphones for your needs and feel like a real pro.

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