Best GPS For Truckers – Reviews and Comparison in 2020

Knowing how to get to a certain location is necessary for anyone. Whether you’re trying to go on vacation, find the right store, or visiting a friend for the first time, you need to know how to be able to get there. Before the days of GPS, we relied on sites like MapQuest to get the directions we needed. Life became much easier once GPS systems were developed, providing real-time instruction along your route.

However, truck drivers need more than just any GPS unit. Not all roads are made for trucks to drive on. Some will have low overpasses or weight limits that prohibit trucks from passing through. Truckers need something that will help them avoid such roads so they can get to their destination on time and without any issues. Additionally, drivers’ paychecks rely on getting to their point B on time without any delays and with all their cargo intact.

Finding the right GPS for you can be a very daunting task, so we’ve taken out some of the guess work. Below we’ve provided a list of the five best GPS devices. We’ve considered available features, well known brands, and price point.

10 Best GPS For Truckers 2020

ProductsScreenOur Ratings
Garmin dezl 580LMT-S5"4.6
Garmin dezl 780 LMT-S7"4.7
Rand McNally TND 540 LM5" 4.3
YoJetSing GPS Navigation7"4.4
Xgody 8867"4.6
NAVRUF GPS Navigation7"4.1
TruckWay GPS Pro Series Model 7207"4
TomTom VIA 1535TM5" 4.2
Vinone GPS7"4.5
COBRA 8000 PRO HD77"3.9

No one better understands the job of a semi-truck driver than the driver himself. It’s not just about getting from point A to point B. It’s also about getting there with several tons of cargo still intact, and in just a few days’ time.

Furthermore, along with the driving, there’s the mind-numbing paperwork, regulations, and various other tasks a trucker has to keep track of that people don’t usually see. Many serious truckers will look for a GPS that helps them with every aspect of their job.

A quality and trusted GPS unit is among one of the most essential tools a trucker needs for his job. However, every driver is different. While one might need extra features on a GPS device, another might want something a bit simpler. Price is another factor to consider, especially for a trucker on a budget.

Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of pros and cons for each device so you can make an informed decision that best fits your needs.

1. Garmin dezl 580LMT-S

Garmin 5

Garmin is well known for having a long history of providing quality products for truckers. When looking for a GPS system that gives a trucker everything he needs to make his job easier, many people will turn to Garmin first.

This unit, the 580LMT-S, is designed with the trucker in mind. It is equipped with customized predictive route warnings and a Truck & Trailer Services directory so that you always know where to go if your truck breaks down or needs servicing. It also has a feature called Easy Break Planning. When on the road, it can become very easy to lose track of time and forget when the stop for a rest. With Easy Break Planning, the 580 not only lets you schedule your breaks, but reminds you when it’s time to take them.

As of 2012, the law requires all truckers to have an electronic logging device (ELD). This device logs and keeps a backup of a trucker’s past and current journeys. The Garmin 580 is compatible with the Garmin eLog Compliant ELD (sold separately). The information logged from the ELD can be easily displayed on the Garmin 580 for the trucker’s convenience.

This GPS also contains detailed maps with truck-related restrictions: bridge heights, dangerous turns or curves, and weight limits.

It is equipped with everything the average trucker needs and would be a great choice for your next long haul.


  • 5” display
  • Bluetooth-enabled to provide for hands-free calling and live traffic and weather updates
  • Voice Activated
  • State and country border alerts
  • Easy Break Planning with notifications
  • Lane assist and Junction views
  • Mile marker info
  • Built-in Wi-Fi for easy updating
  • Comes with case and cleaning cloth


  • Not budget friendly
  • Doesn’t have a setting for hauling hazardous material.
  • Smaller screen might be hard to see
  • ELD compatible with only Garmin devices

2. Garmin dezl 780 LMT-S

Garmin dezl 780 LMT-S review

The dezl 780 is an impressive GPS system designed for truck drivers. It brings you all the same features as the 580, but with a larger screen. It’s also the highest rated trucker GPS.

Driving for long hours at a time can be hard on the eyes, and the larger display makes it easier to stay on route. Like it’s earlier model, the 780 is also equipped with Easy Break planning to remind you when it’s necessary to take a break.

This device also keeps track of any supplies or tools you need and lets you know of stores near your route where you can shop.

Additionally, not only is the 780 Bluetooth compatible, allowing you to talk and text hands-free, but it also allows you to program custom alerts for texts and other apps, which then display on the navigator’s screen. More and more states these days are adopting laws make it a crime for you to use any kind of mobile device while you’re driving. Having a GPS unit that allows you to communicate without taking your eyes or hands off the wheel is becoming increasingly necessary.

The 780 costs only slightly more than the 580 and is a great deal if you were already considering the smaller model.


  • 7-inch display
  • Bluetooth-enabled to provide for hands-free calling and live traffic and weather updates
  • Voice Activated
  • Lane assist and Junction views
  • Mile marker info
  • State and country border alerts
  • Easy Break Planning with notifications
  • Built-in Wi-Fi for easy updating
  • Comes with case, cleaning cloth, and dash-mount


  • Not budget friendly
  • ELD compatible with only Garmin devices

3. Rand McNally TND 540 LM

Rand McNally TND 540 LM review

Just like Garmin, Rand McNally has remained a trusted and sought-out manufacturer of GPS devices for over 70 years. Over that time, they have collected various feedback from truckers, and the TND 540 LM is the result.

A complete remodel from the 530, the TND 540 brings a litany of new features that will make any trucker’s job a piece of cake. Tech features have been streamlined, and the 540 has a power quad-core processer with double the memory of the 530.

You get seamless live updates to your maps and new audio capabilities that allow you to route the device output through your truck’s sound system.

It also comes with the DriverConnect app, allowing you to integrate with a variety of electronic logging devices. You can view and print as much as six months’ worth of your log with the app, as well as view information on vehicle inspections.

You can also get warnings about speed changes, dangerous curves, and steep inclines. the TND 540 also have Junction View, which provides a 3-D image allowing you to navigate interchanges and lane changes easily.


  • Comes in two sizes. 5” or 7”
  • Refurbished to factory settings
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Live traffic and weather updates
  • Enhanced routing features compares route options for you
  • Compares fuel prices and logs your fuel purchases


  • Although cheaper than the Garmin, may still be high if on a budget

4. YoJetSing GPS Navigation

YoJetSing GPS review

The YoJetSing GPS isn’t as popular as Garmin or Rand McNally, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work as well. This device comes with maps of USA, Canada, and Mexico, and with the ability to download maps of Europe as well, this GPS unit can take you anywhere.

This GPS system provides the trucker with clear and realistic voice announcements and true direction guides. It also notifies you about speed limits, height restrictions, and traffic alerts, giving you alternate routes to avoid any delays.

Compatible with 7 different vehicle modes (Car, Truck, Bus, Taxi, Emergency, Bicycle, and Pedestrian), this device is extremely versatile for any trip, not just trucker routes.


  • Affordable
  • Large 7” display
  • WinCe 6.0 Navigation System
  • GPS Satellite Navigation helps you choose the best route for the best situation
  • Fixed speed warning to avoid speeding
  • FM transmitter to hear sound in car speakers
  • 30-day money back guarantee and 12-month warranty


  • Although extremely versatile there aren’t many trucker-specific features
  • Various reviews indicate that downloading Europe maps was difficult
  • No ELD compatibility

5. Xgody 886

Xgody 886 review

The Xgody 886 GPS has some of the same features as the Garmin and the Rand McNally units, but at a much more affordable price.

Once your truck’s profile is set, this unit provides you with a personalized route for your truck’s height, length, and weight. It can help you find the best lane to drive in, as well as help you find gas stations, restaurants, and hotels.

Also enjoy the Bluetooth feature for hands-free phone calls and text messages.

The 886 is easy to use and very user-friendly, offering just enough basic features to get the job done.


  • 7” display
  • Comes with a sunshade
  • Supports MP3 audio and MP4 video
  • 2D/3D Maps of the US and Canada
  • FM transmitter to hear sound in car speakers
  • 30-day money back guarantee and 12-month warranty


  • Not as many reviews available
  • No Wi-fi access
  • No ELD compatibility

6. NAVRUF GPS Navigation

 NAVRUF GPS Navigation review

For those whose topographic and spatial skills aren’t up to the mark, fear not for the NAVRUF GPS Navigation system is an affordable savior. Packed within its 8.5”x5.5”x3.9” frame are travel-friendly essentials that’ll guide you in your adventures, everyday commutes and road journeys.

Available in Green and Black-1, this GPS is a global little device that functions in 40 Multi-lingual modes to provide you with real directions through a multitude of mediums. Adopting audio, video and image aids and a dependably strong satellite signal that’ll prove to be a reliable travel companion.

You’ll be kept fully informed at all times with the visual and voice alerts notifying you about traffic information depictions, disruptions, uncrowded pathways, fatigue warnings to jolt you, upcoming sharp turns, speed alterations, speed cameras, red lights, street name broadcast, active lane assistant, remaining distance, time of arrival etc.

For further assistance, they’ve put in 3D Navigation that allows for the selection of landmarks in 3D. Your approaching lanes and intersections will be easier to circumnavigate. It’s pretty useful as it accepts POI Search, Coordinates, Addresses and Postcodes.


  • Route Planning modes included: Fast, green, economical and easy
  • FM Function
  • Pre-loaded updated US maps
  • MP3 and MP4 included
  • Lifetime warranty and 90-day money back guarantee
  • Free Lifetime Map Updates
  • Freedom to customize pathway on the basis of anatomical car structure
  • Lightweight 2.5lbs
  • Budget-friendly
  • Responsive customer service team
  • Easy-to-read 7” screen
  • Quick installation


  • Directions for map downloads unclear and confusing
  • Outdated YouTube tutorial video
  • Hassle to setup up a GPS clock
  • The user manual does not detail the life expectancy of a fully charged battery
  • Non-universal charging port

7. TruckWay GPS Pro Series Model 720

 TruckWay GPS review

Leaning towards a more baseline product, the TruckWay GPS Pro Series Model 720 is a great product for professional and personal use as it features both the bare minimum with additional desirable features.

This North American company have made driving seem like less of a chore with its efficient and accurate guidance system. The 3D Maps and future storage can be backed up to 256MB RAM and 8GB ROM. If you want the newest map version, it is simply an email away.

The GPS delivers notifications regarding road signs, truck quantity flow, low bridges, etc. for up to 1.5-2 hrs with the 1500MAH battery. You can tinker around with it via the 7” LCD Touch screen of 800×480 pixel HD quality. The touch feature makes it easy to manipulate whilst driving because road safety is of the utmost importance for both the provider and end user.


  • 24/7 customer service availability
  • Truck driver-oriented with load weight and dangerous chemical loading in mind
  • Free Lifetime Maps
  • 2D Graphics version option
  • Free lifetime maps for the USA, Mexico, and Canada
  • Really lightweight at 1.32lbs
  • Compact and portable design 8.5”x5.5”x3.6”
  • Customizable to vehicle proportions
  • Multiple languages installed


  • Difficult to update
  • Short run-time without charge
  • No Wi-Fi connection
  • Freezes in cloudy weather
  • No YouTube videos for instruction purposes
  • Information overload on the screen
  • Better for interstate use
  • Customer reports low bridge options are presented the majority of the time

8. TomTom VIA 1535TM

TomTom VIA 1535TM review

Understanding directions can often lead to a headache that can easily be avoided if you install a TomTom VIA 1535TM GPS system in your automobile. This portable satellite navigation device falls into the spectrum of low-cost, high-value combination.

The 5” touchscreen display delivers 480×272 pixel resolution and hands-free operation via voice-command recognition and Bluetooth calling. This series comes along with IQ Routes and Map Share technology. The advanced lane guidance tool will eliminate the possibilities of mistakes. Intuitive to user behaviors they’ve included Points of interest features that highlight sought out locations like pit stops, gas stations, etc. The auto mode and pedestrian mode are interchangeable depending on your mood.


  • Built-in apps with real-time information
  • Eco-mode included
  • Smart route calculation
  • 3-hour battery life
  • Roadside assistance
  • Map knowledge coverage includes the USA, Mexico, and Canada
  • Mapshare updated on a daily basis
  • Sharp graphics with large icons to accommodate disabilities and elderly users
  • Voice recognition and activation
  • Hands-free device
  • User-friendly touch screen
  • Customizable interface
  • Integrated mount for effortless attachment
  • Optional disk attachment for the dashboard
  • Unlimited Lifetime map and traffic updates every 3 months
  • Split Screen junction view


  • Cannot save routes
  • Cannot use more than 3 waypoints when creating a travel itinerary
  • Complicated updates
  • Voice activation failures
  • 5” screen comparatively smaller
  • Screen resolution comparatively lower
  • One-year limited live service warranty
  • No internet connection
  • No expandable memory ports

9. Vinone GPS

Vinone GPS Navigation review

For those in search of a practical yet economic GPS that gets them from point A to B efficiently, The Vinone 2019 Model GPS is a good pick. You are privy to 101 Navigation maps that can be interpreted in 40 different languages. It openly receives postal codes and addresses.

You will constantly be kept in the loop with reoccurring voice prompts, intelligent error correction, real-time safety navigation alerts, etc. Whether you have weak eyesight, distractions on the lane or are older in age, the superior visual effects displayed on the touch-sensitive 7” screen will be completely visible. Even the sun won’t disrupt your line of sight.


  • Least expensive GPS on the list
  • Lifetime warranty and 90-day money back guarantee
  • High-performance CPU
  • 7” display screen
  • Lightweight at 1.25lbs
  • USA, Canada, and Mexico preprogrammed into the map
  • Innovative error correction to keep you on track
  • Supports postal code, POI, address and coordinates
  • Full-range of alerts available
  • Fast, green, economical and easy route planning modes
  • A strong signal receiving GPS Chipset
  • FM, MP3 and Mp4 function
  • User-friendly especially for tech-averse older generation users
  • Made in USA high-quality materials used for construction
  • Reports of high durability and satisfaction rates


  • None

10. COBRA 8000 PRO HD7

When you’re on the road, struggling to understand maps and intertwining pathways, you need an interactive and up-to-date device to save the day. Cobra 8000 PRO HD7 GPS System is one such handy gadget to have set up in your vehicle as a basic commodity.

Understanding the demands of viewer ease, they’ve incorporated a 7”, slim, lightweight touch screen sporting up to 800×490 pixels of easy-to-read illustrations. It further facilitates its clients with a distinguishable instruction announcement system that is clear and easy to understand, alongside phonetic pronunciation of street names to reduce chances of miscommunication and errors.

This data-packed gizmo boasts an impressive array of elements including providing you with amenity choices of preferred rest areas, mile markers, weighing stations and other assistive essentials for truck drivers. Even their on and off duty times are easily tracked via GPS location awareness. The average run-time is around 2 hours, which is pretty decent.


  • Feather-light at 0.65lbs
  • Big 7” screen
  • Excellent graphics and visual aids
  • Lifetime map updates
  • Truck-specific points of interest
  • Includes 12-truck types in numerous axle configurations


  • Comparatively more expensive
  • Reports of common lagging
  • Not able to recognize direction if the route is in the opposite direction
  • Reports of freezing up whilst working; requires restoration to factory settings
  • No instructions provided
  • Startup time slow

How To Choose The Best GPS For Truckers

A truck driver has very different needs in a GPS unit than the generic, everyday driver. While most people can get by with the GPS function on their smart phones, truckers need something that is specifically designed for trucking.

The devices discussed above all have at least the basic functions needed by most truckers. Personalized routes for the size and type of truck they drive, a user-friendly interface, and accurate directions to save the trucker both time and money.

A few devices have even more bells and whistles, including a way to track fuel expenses and log driving trips within the device itself.

When a trucker is searching for a GPS device, he needs to be aware of what his needs are and how much he’s willing to spend. Some of the units in our list rest in the higher price range, while others are a little easier on the budget.


The first thing a trucker needs to figure out is how much he wants to spend on a GPS device. Many of the well-known and widely trusted brands make high-end devices with a litany of features. Those will usually run anywhere from $150-$400. Others with more basic features will cost around $50-$60.

The devices mentioned in this article cover both spectrums to give the trucker reading this a few options for their budget.


Each unit in this article has trucker-specific features available, some more than others. If price isn’t an issue, you may find yourself leaning towards one of the higher priced options. Those include features like viewing trip logs, finding fuel costs, Wi-Fi access for on-the-go updating, as well as Bluetooth enabled phone calls and texting. You can also get live updates about traffic and weather by being connected to your smartphone. Below we’ve put together an overview of the different features that a GPS unit may have.

Detailed Mapping

GPS systems for truckers use some of the most accurate mapping systems, providing truckers with the best routes possible. Some systems will also offer 3D looks at streets and roadways and may also include verbal street name and turn-by-turn directions.

Following a personalized route for your type of truck is essential to avoid roads with low overpasses, construction, detours, or weight limits.

Some units may even provide drivers with an estimation of fuel costs and help them plan fuel stops and breaks along the way.

Traffic Alerts

Navigation systems need to continually update to provide the driver with information regarding accidents, construction, or detours. Many units for truckers will also provide detailed road descriptions and alerts that notify about any sharp curves, steep inclines, or narrow roads. They can also provide drivers about upcoming toll roads.

A few systems will also be equipped with lane, junction assistance, and mile marker alerts to make navigating traffic a breeze.

Trip Logging

ELDs are required for all drivers, and there are a few GPS systems that come equipped with an ELD-compatible app so you can view information about your past journeys right on your GPS display. Information such as hours of service, driving status, hours of sleep, meal breaks, off-duty hours, mileage, and IFTA fuel data.

Keep in mind that Garmin GPS systems are only compatible with Garmin ELD units, while Rand McNally has an app that is compatible with various units.

Fuel Conservation

Many GPS systems for truckers will be equipped with point-of-interest directories, allowing drivers to know in advance the locations of fuel stops and prices. This also monitors their idle times and notifies managers when speeding occurs. Conserving fuel and finding the best price looks well on drivers and helps them to limit trip costs.


It’s extremely helpful for units to have Bluetooth or Wi-Fi features to enable drivers to talk or text hands-free and avoid accidents. Some units will also have audio and visual input ports for back-up cameras, DVD players, or smartphones.

A few even have FM transfer available so you can hear GPS alerts and notifications through the truck speakers.


GPS units for truckers come in many different sizes, usually ranging from four to eight inches, and are very easy to install either on or in the dashboard. Some are even versatile to use in other types of vehicles (cars, busses, or campers), not just trucks.


Finding the right trucker GPS unit is an important part of the trucker’s job. The right unit can make a huge difference in their work performance, enabling them to get to every destination on time and without any delays or problems. But with so many options, sometimes it’s hard to know where to start.

Therefore, we’ve put together this list to make the task a little easier. Most trucker GPS devices will just have the basic route mapping that every trucker needs, which builds a personalized route for you based on the size and weight of your truck. These models can be helpful especially if you don’t need all of the extra bells and whistles, or you’re on a tight budget and can’t spend more than $100 for a GPS.

The high-end ones, like Garmin and Rand McNally, will also provide you with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, lane assists, point-of-interest locations (fuel depots, restaurants, etc.), ELD compatibility, and much more. Be sure to look at each feature available and decide what would work for you.

Think about what you need in a truck GPS system and how much you’re looking to pay for it, then apply that to the information we’ve put together for you. We hope you’re able to the GPS you’re looking for.

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