6 Best Lighting for Streaming to Add “Glooming” to Your Videos

Never start streaming without checking the light set up. Otherwise, your audience might leave soon. And here are the best lighting for steaming to invest in!

We bet you no longer start your streaming with a basic webcam. Now, to improve the streaming quality and satisfy your audience, you need a pack of equipment such as a premium laptop, HD camera, microphone, audio mixer, etc. And always check whether the best lighting for streaming is included.

Truth be told, a proper light setup will significantly improve the streams and appeal to more fans!

If you are still on the way to search for a proper lighting option, why don’t you scroll down to check out the top 6 stream lightings on the market?

6 Options of Lighting for Streaming You Should Know

1. UBeesize 8-inch Ring Light

UBeesize 8-inch Ring Light review

The 8″ Selfie Ring Light of Ubeesize is now the most commonly-used ring light by the streamer thanks to its excellent brightness and ease of use.

Accordingly, there are three modes available, including Warm Light, Cool White, as well as Day Light. Each comes with 11 levels of brightness and a wide dimming range. Thus, the Ubeesize 8″ Selfie Ring Light is absolutely helpful in different concepts and conditions, both indoors and outdoors.

Do not forget the rotatable holder that is included in the package so that you can attach and adjust your phone from different angles. This holder is tested to work with most smartphones and/or without a case. Furthermore, you can connect the phone hand-free with the use of USB.

More excitingly, this lighting comes with a tripod stand so that you can mount the device in place, or you can extend it between 17 and 51 inches to your preferred height.

  • Multiple brightness levels and lighting modes
  • Tripod stand, phone holder, and USB port available
  • Assessable and user-friendly controlling button
  • Affordable and 3 years of warranty
  • Possibly flimsy ring
  • Not well balanced

2. MOUNTDOG 1350W Softbox

Mountdog Softbox Lighting Kit

You used to see the softbox on professional studios, thinking it is great but expensive, didn’t you?

Then you might be surprised when it comes to MountDog Softbox Lighting. This kit brings a decent brightness for your streaming room – at an optimal affordable price. Not to mention, the kit comes in full accessories: 2 large bulbs, one softbox, adjustable height tripod, holder, as well as carrying bag.

You can easily set up the whole set in a matter of minutes and the light is ready to beautify your streaming projects.

Just for your note, you should place the MountDog Softbox Lighting at a reasonable distance in front of the subjects because two bulbs are very bright.

  • A full softbox kit at a surprisingly pocket-friendly price
  • Easy to install and operate the light
  • Adjustable stand and holder
  • Bright and visual lighting for fashion streams
  • Not ideal for small spaces
  • Limited brightness settings

3. Neewer Super Slim Bi-Color Dimmable LED

Neewer Super Slim Lightweight Bi-Color Dimmable LED Video Light

If you want the light to be distributed more throughout and evenly instead of focusing on your face, then you might choose a LED lighting panel like Neewer Super Slim Bi-Color Dimmable LED.

The package comes almost ready to use with a compact high-CRI LED light, mount base, screw, battery, and battery charger. That way, you can easily attach the light on camcorders or SLR cameras or lay it nearby the computer when you stream via desktop. This Neewer Super Slim Bi-Color Dimmable LED is also compatible with light stand and tripods. However, these parts are not included in the delivery.

In terms of brightness, the panel provides plenty of non-flickering brightness levels from 0 to 100%. The wide-spread LED beads across the panel to ensure a balanced and even lighting. Besides, you can set up the color temperature within 3200k and 5600K to match your key light and even dim the light flexibly with the knob. All in all, you are able to enjoy a natural and vivid lighting environment.

  • Durable and energy-saving lighting for streaming
  • High CRI and true-color LEDs
  • Various brightness settings and dimming controls
  • Compact construction to set up the way you want
  • User-friendly LCD display screen
  • Not enough for pro photography
  • Easily sticking-out switches

4. Elgato Key Light Studio LED Panel

Elgato Key Light

As its name suggests, the Elgato Key Light Studio LED Panel is built with powerful brightness to become your key light source. The lumens are 2500 and fully dimmable. From the white light settings, you can change the color temperature from 2900K to 7000K to get the natural warmth to your tastes.

Most importantly, the Elgato Key Light is slim and compact for streaming projects. It can easily mount to your desk with a tripod head or sit behind the PC monitor. Once you have done with the setup, it takes almost no time to operate the light. There are even mobile and desktop apps integrated with the light on which you are able to turn on/off and change the light settings at taps.

The only thing that can make you hesitant is the price. The light costs several times more than others on the list. However, it is still worth purchasing.

  • Slim, compact, and durable construction
  • Easy-to-mount on any surface without accessories
  • Ultra-bright and fully dimmable lumens
  • App-enabled integration to relieve the controlling
  • Expensive

5. Falcon Eyes SO-28TD Kit

Falcon Eyes SO-28TD

Some affordable lightings we mentioned above are suitable if you just start your streaming career. When you become a pro, it is well worth investing in a medium or premium lighting kit. At that time, take a look at this Falcon Eyes SO-28TD Kit.

Featuring the “flapjack” design, the light is supposed to provide a great-quality brightness. All specifications are impressive and reliable, for example, 3000K-5600K color temperature, the high TLCI/CRI of 95+, step-less dimming, and multiple-light adjustment.

For those who might be interested, the light comes with some thoughtful accessories such as the wire to connect with AC power, the U-bracket to lock the light towards the direction you want it, and the foam nylon zipper to safely tote the light around.

On the back, there is a display screen and touchable arrows so you can adjust the illuminated panel at a breeze.

Good overall!

  • Thin and sturdy flapjack light
  • Great-quality brightness with flexible settings
  • Along with reliable and helpful accessories
  • Ease of use
  • Mediate-priced range

6. RALENO LED Video Soft Light Panel

RALENO LED Video Soft Light Panel

The last on the list of the best lighting for streaming is RALENO LED Video Soft Light Panel – a durable choice for those who usually stream for hours. There is a built-in 8000mAh battery that can last for 2 hours at the highest settings. Even more, the 2-meter charger cable is available to power up the light with ease so that your stream will not be disturbed because of low-light problems.

We also like the soft light provided by the  RALENO LED Video Soft Light Panel. Not only that you get accurate color on your skin and other subjects, but the soft light also relieves your eyes significantly. The CRI is as high as 95+, and the light temperature is ranging from 3200K to 5600K.

Also good to know that the RaLeno LED light is also user-friendly. At a glance via the display screen, you can have all information of brightness settings, color temperature, and available power. Plus, the Hot Shoe Mount makes it flexible to adjust the light back and forth to the angle you want.

  • Comfortable and beautiful soft light
  • Built-in battery and charger included
  • High CRI and wide-range color temperature
  • Helpful backlit LCD screen and shoe mount
  • Suitable as fill light rather than the key light
  • Loosen mechanical connection and shoe mount

How to Choose The Best Lighting for Streaming?

Best Lighting for Streaming

A premium camera with an expensive lens will help much improve the light quality. However, it is not enough. You need at least one additional lighting equipment.

And we bring a complete buying guide.

The available places for lightings

Before jumping into a purchase, ask yourself where to put the lighting first.

For example, if you take a streaming video with your full body, you might end up with retractable tripod lighting 15 to 60 inches away from your standing. In that case, make sure the available spaces are enough for you and the lightings.

Otherwise, if your streaming area is limited and you just want to focus on the half body, then portable desktop lightings are enough.

Types of lighting

Types of lighting
The two common options: softbox and ring light

Now that you have some sizes in your mind, you can consider buying one of these three types of lighting kíts.

  • Ring lights: These choices are often compact and easier to set up. It provides direct and concentrated light on specific subjects. For that reason, streamers who record vlogs or makeup tutorials will love it.
  • Softboxes:  So-called the umbrella lighting kits, the lights which used to be found on photography studios. Now, they become more popular within a streaming room where the streamers need high-quality lighting throughout more spaces.
  • LED video panels: In fact, the LED light panels are similar to the softboxes, but in more compact sizes.

Brightness settings

The best lighting for streaming videos should be adjustable in terms of brightness to fit the nearby environment and to give off a natural visual.

Normally, the softboxes come with fewer brightness settings than the ring lights. Nonetheless, the light is somewhat more true and vibrant. Meanwhile, standard ring equipment features at least 10 brightness levels, 3 of which are warm lights.

Compatibility with smart devices

When you are on the stream, you have no time to adjust the lighting manually. Therefore, it is better to go for products that are able to connect and control right on your phones or on USB devices.

Best Lighting for Streaming FAQs

Are ring lights good for streaming?

Are ring lights good for streaming
The ring light provides a “glooming” aspect

Yes, they are.

That’s why you might find at least one ring light in the package of your streaming buddies. Overall, the ring lights are supposed to provide pro lighting at a reasonable cost.

Specifically, the light circularly fits around the camera lens to offer focused illumination for what you are streaming. Even better, it often comes with high lumens to improve the accuracy of the colors.

All in all, we recommend ring lights when you need to focus on your faces rather than the background.

What lighting do Youtubers use?

Basically, it depends on the stuff that the Youtubers are spreading, such as fashions, foods, or experiences. But most of the time, the 6 lights as above are recommended.

Thus, if you can’t still make a choice, you should read the buying guide and the reviews once again.

How do I get the best lighting for video?

Thanks, Justin Brown, for this useful tutorial.

You can steal some useful tips for your next videos:

  • Focus on your subject first: people or products, or the background?
  • Make use of any lighting sources you have nearby: natural light, a window screen, a lamp, or your phone, etc.
  • Three-point lighting is truly helpful. Simply put, you will need key light, fill light, as well as backlight. The key one is the primary lighting equipment consistent in front of you (check some we introduced you here.)
  • Set it and forget it. We mean you should fix the light settings in place that distribute the best lighting. Next time, just turn on the lights, adjust a little bit, and start your stream.
  • Finally, place the lights above your eye level.


Honestly, who will be patient enough to watch a stream with a low-quality light? For your audience’s sake and visual optimization, you should have at least one light equipment. Check some we recommend you above.

From our experience, the best lighting for streaming in terms of light and quality is the Elgato Key Light Studio LED Panel – not only because of the fact that the light provides a quality brightness but also due to the compact design and user-friendliness.

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