Top 8 Best Reel Mowers for Your Garden 2020

Are you thinking of having a reel mower? Well, if that is the case, look no further than these eight best reel mowers that are worth the money. 

What is a Reel Mower? 

Best Reel Mowers


For those who may not know, a reel mower is a mower that has a scissor to cut the grass. Depending on which model you go for, the mower may have about three to seven blades. 

If you own a garden and you always find yourself spending a lot of money on garden cleaning services, well, you may want to get a reel mower. 

8 Best Reel Mowers You Should Consider

If you have no idea of what to look for in a reel mower, let us help you with the list of 8 best reel mowers you should consider: 

1. Great States 16-inch 5 Blades Push Reel Lawn Mower 

Great States 415-16 16-Inch 5-Blade Push Reel Lawn Mower


The first name we want to mention in this list is one from Great States. With up to 5 blades, this model is considered to be one of the most effective reel mowers for garden owners. 

And that is not all. Another reason why this model makes it to the top of the list lies in the quality of the blade. Made by high-quality alloy steel, the blade remains exceptionally sharp and strong for a very long time. This means you would not have to change the blade very frequently. 

Last but not least, this Great States model is designed for home garden owners. As such, it is very lightweight and easy to use. You can easily move it around or put it in the corner of your house if you do not need to use it. 

  • Sharp blades
  • Smooth and easy to use
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Not be able to cut high grass effectively

2. Scotts Outdoor Power Tools 2000-20s

cotts Outdoor Power Tools 2000-20S

The next brand name that shows up in our top 8 best list belongs to Scotts. With five sharp blades, each of them is 20” in width; this reel mower can definitely clean your grass garden in just a blink of an eye. 

Besides, this Scotts has a very special design which makes it extremely easy to drag around and push along. 

  • Lightweight and easy to push around
  • High productivity
  • 5 sharp blades
  • May not be useful to cut lower grass

3. Fiskars StaySharp Max Reel Mower 

 Fiskars StaySharp Max Reel Mower

Well, let’s bring on another brand name that you should not miss out on. Fiskars has taken grass cutting to a whole new level.

If you are looking for a reel mower that can get the job done in just a few minutes, well, you have read the right review.

The best selling point about this Fiskars model is its StaySharp blades. You can cut grass for years without having to change or re-sharpen the blades. Cool, right? 

Fiskars is created to improve customer experience more than ever before. That explains why the manufacturer has made it so easy to push around the yard. 

And guess what? This reel mower comes with a 3-year guarantee. Wow! If there is anything wrong, you can always give it back. 

  • Long-lasting blades
  • 3-year guarantee
  • Easily move around the yard
  • A bit heavier than conventional models

4. Greenworks 18-inch Reel Lawn Mower 

Greenworks 18-Inch Reel Lawn Mower

Greenworks it is! 

This 18-inch model from Greenworks is definitely not a bad choice at all. The cutting path is up to 18” so you can expect to get your work done in just a minute. 

And what’s more? You can easily adjust the cutting height from 1.75” to 2.75”. That explains why so many people get so crazy about this Greenworks model. You don’t have to run the reel mower the grass so many times just to get it cut properly. 

  • Wide cutting path
  • Adjustable cutting height
  • Cut grass very fast
  • Not so durable compared to all of the above models

5. Remington RM1159 Gas Powered Reel Mower 

 Remington RM1159 159cc 4-Cycle Gas Powered Walk

You probably know what we are trying to introduce up until that point. We want to introduce models from so many different brands so that you can have a lot of options to consider. The next brand would be Remington. 

This model is priced the same as that Great States that made it to the top of our list. It has an 18-inch cutting blade with an adjustable handle. With five blades, this Remington will turn cutting grass to a pleasant experience. 

  • Cut effectively
  • Move easily
  • Affordable
  • Adjustable handle
  • Quite a short guarantee: only two years

6. American Lawn Mower Company, 18-inch

American Lawn Mower Company 1815-18

American Lawn Mower Company should be the first that comes to your mind when it comes to durable choices. Although this model only has four blades, that does not mean it is less efficient than any other reel mower models. 

Besides, the machine has this fantastic cushioned handle, which allows it to move around without causing so much noise. Well, if you hate a noisy reel mower, this machine is definitely for you. 

  • Efficient cutting
  • Comfortable to move around
  • Adjustable height from 0.5” to 1.75”
  • You may need to run twice to get the grass cut properly.

7. American Lawn Mower Company, 14-inch 

 American Lawn Mower 1204-14

Another reel mower from American Lawn Mower Company! 

If the 18-inch is a little bit too much for you, well, we have something for you! This 14” reel mower is all you can ever expect from a reel mower for a small lawn. 

With four durable blades made from steel, the reel mower can definitely give you a clean and perfect cut at the first running. 

  • Durable
  • Efficient for small lawn
  • Adjustable cutting height
  • Affordable
  • Not effective for thick, high grass

8. Sun Joe MJ501M 

 Snow Joe MJ501M

The last in our list belongs to Sun Joe MJ501M. With a cutting path up to 18 inches, this machine is a perfect choice for those who own a small or medium lawn. 

The thing that makes this Sun Joe model different from the rest is its height adjustment. It can be adjusted in 9 different positions so that you can choose the one that is suitable the most. 

  • Flexible
  • Wide cutting path
  • Can cut very fast
  • Not very lightweight

What Makes The Best Reel Mowers

Undoubtedly, there are so many different types of reel mowers sold in the market in different price ranges. So, how do you know which is the right one for you? 

To be able to choose the best reel mower according to your needs and budget, here are a few things you need to notice: 


Reel mower Effectiveness

It would be a pain if you spend a lot of money for a reel mower and then have to run it twice or even four times just to get your grass cut properly. Pay attention to the number of blades as well as the cutting path because these two factors will decide how fast and sharp your reel mower can cut. 

A reel mower can only be used for a certain number of grass. It is important to know what type of grass you plan to cut. High grass can only be cut effectively by a heavy machine with a wide cutting path and sharp blades. 

Size and weight 

Reel Mowers sizes

Some reel mowers are made real big and heavy, probably due to its high efficiency. As such, you should choose the one that fits your needs. Having to hold a heavy reel mower is definitely not the kind of experience you want to get. 


It is not necessary to get the most expensive reel mower just to get your garden’s grass clean. All you need is probably just a 14-inch reel mower that costs ten times less than that. 

Reel mowers are, in general, pretty much affordable. It can cost you about $70 if you are a little bit tight on a budget. But the good thing about reel mowers is that it’s a one-time investment. All you need to do to keep using it is to replace the blades. Such an economical way compared to gas mowers or electric mowers. 

Blade Durability 

reel mower blade

Last but not least, not many really pay attention to the quality of the blade as they probably think that you can easily change the blades. However, it would cost you an arm and a leg if you keep changing blades. 

Some models, such as Fiskars, offer powerful blades, which you can use for years without having to change it at all. However, there are also some cheap models that force you to get a new blade every few months. 

As such, pay attention to the material and cutting sharpness of blades when you consider getting a reel mower. You will end up saving a lot of money if you choose the right one. 

Refund or guarantee 

This applies to everything, not just to reel mowers. Some big brand names such as seven brand names we suggested in the list offer an amazing guarantee or even a refund if you are not happy with the product. It says a lot about a product if it says that it comes with a 3-year guarantee, right? 

Here are a few factors that you should consider when buying a reel mower. After going through these criteria, you will undoubtedly know what to look for in a reel mower. 

How to Use a Reel Mower

Using a reel mower is not as hard as you think. The first and foremost thing you need to do is to choose the cutting height depending on the height of the grass in your garden and what type of grass it is. We highly recommend you buy a reel mower with adjustable height as it can be used for many kinds of grass. 

Push your mower slowly and allow the blade to cut grass effectively. Just like that, in just a few minutes later, your grass garden is already as clean as new.

Best Reel Mowers Frequently Asked Questions

Do Reel Mowers Cut Better?

Do Reel Mowers Cut Better

Well, it’s hard to say! 

It is fair to say that manual mowing is one of the best ways as it does not leave any ripping or tearing sign on the grass. 

However, it will not work if you have a large garden because it would definitely take all day to do it. That’s why people invented different forms of reel mowers.

Reel mowers, if you choose the right model, such as the one with sharp blades and wide cutting path, will help limit ripping or tearing on your grass. Besides, you should also pay attention to the capacity of the reel mowers.

Can a Reel Mower Cut Tall Grass?

Definitely yes! 

However, not all reel mowers can cut tall grass. Only some machines that are designed with high-quality blades and the adjustable cutting height can take care of tall grass. In short, it depends on which models you are using! 

How to Sharpen a Reel Mower?

Reel Mower

Using reel mowers is an efficient way to cut grass. However, it starts to be less effective once you use it too often. Luckily, you don’t have to buy a new reel mower, all you need to do is to sharpen its blades. 

Although it may sound like a thing that needs skills, it is actually effortless. The first thing you should do when noticing the cut is not as smooth as it is before is to check the reel alignment. Make sure that it stays in the right position. 

If there is no problem with the alignment, then it means you need to sharpen the blades. Go to the store and get some new blades that fit your reel mowers along with a kit to change the blades. 

Changing blades is probably the only maintenance task you will need to perform frequently when getting a reel mower. It is highly recommended that you change the blades often as it starts to get dull. That way, you will not leave any ugly residue when cutting grass. 

Final Words

Getting a reel mower is definitely the right thing to do as it helps you save time, energy, and effort. However, there are a few things you need to consider to get the right machine. 

Above is some information we’d like to show you about choosing the best reel mower for your garden. Leave us a comment if you have any questions. Goodbye! 

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