Best Surround Sound Headphones 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guides

Headphones are one of the best inventions ever created, they allow you to enjoy your music without having to share it or disturb anyone else.

But, there are many different types of headphones available, you’ll need to choose the ones that are most suited for your intended use. Surround sound headphones don’t have quite the same authenticity as the surround sound system in your living room. But, thanks to the space between your ear and the headphone cup, the experience can be pretty similar.

You just need to choose the best surround sound headphones possible and, fortunately, we found the best 8 surround sound headphones for you!

The 8 Best Surround Sound Headphones 2020

1. Logitech G430

 Logitech G430 headphone review

These headphones are designed primarily for gaming, but they provide a surprisingly impressive surround sound, and they look good too!

The Specs

  • Dolby 7.1 surround sound
  • 90° swivel on ear cups
  • Noise-canceling boom mike
  • Impedance 32 ohms
  • Cable controls
  • Frequency response 20Hz-20KHz
  • Weigh 8 ounces

Good Points

  • Sound Quality

Despite being headphones you’ll hear all the sounds as if you’re actually there, this makes them excellent in a gaming scenario when you can hear your enemies before they hear you.

  • Comfort

These corded headphones have a padded headband that helps them to stay comfortable after hours on your head. They also have extra-large adding on the ear cups, allowing them to sit comfortably over your ears and keep the speaker part off your ear. This helps produce the perfect surround sound that you want to hear.

It’s worth noting that the cable is 2.3m long and there are audio controls built into the cord, giving you complete control

  • Flexibility

The ear cups have mesh on them to ensure good airflow to your ears, the band is comfortable and can be worn on many positions, but, perhaps most important, the headphones have a USB connection and the standard mic and headphones jack. That means you can plug them into virtually anything.

Bad Points

  • Construction Quality

These are not the cheapest headphones and yet there are concerns regarding the quality of construction. The plastic elements of these headphones feel cheap and they are prone to cracking, especially where the cups join the headband. You’ll have to be gentle with them.

2. Turtle Beach Stealth 450

Turtle Beach Stealth 450 review

These wireless surround sound headphones look pretty impressive, they’re comfortable, affordable, and may just be the best pair of headphones you’ve ever bought.

The Specs

  • Wireless
  • 1 Surround Sound
  • Audio Presets to Boost sound reception, especially when gaming
  • EQ audio presets – allowing you to personalize the experience
  • Battery life of 15 hours
  • Weight 11 ounces

Good Points

  • Superhuman Hearing

This is a great feature if you’re a gamer. It allows you to hear enemies before they are even visible, that’s got to give you an advantage.

  • Sound Quality

The 7.1 surround sound and EQ audio presets combine to give you control over the sounds you hear and allow you to make the most of your listening experience.

You’ll also find that the 3D 360° sound stage helps you to know where your enemy is before they do!

Even the mic is designed to allow you to speak in a normal voice because you can hear your own voice as you talk.

  • Comfort

The top part of the band has a comfortable cushioning that helps to ensure you don’t even notice these headphones are on your head. There are also oversized ear cups, again, ensuring the headphones remain comfortable even after you’ve been using them for hours.

Bad Points

  • Cable Length

These headphones are wireless but they do need charging occasionally. Unfortunately, the cable is only 70cm long, that means you need to make sure you charge them between gaming sessions, you won’t be able to use them comfortably while gaming!

  • Plastic Bands Get Weak

Plastic isn’t as strong as metal so it’s not surprising that over time the plastic will start to crack. At best this means you can’t adjust the headphones, at worse you won’t even be able to use them.

3. SteelSeries Siberia 650

 SteelSeries Siberia 650 Gaming Headset review

There is no other way to put this, the Steel Series Siberia 650 is a good-looking set of headphones. With two thin bands across the top and a lower padded headband, these headphones don’t just look good, they’re going to be comfortable for hours.

The Specs

  • Available in an array of colors
  • Memory foam ear cushions
  • Volume and mic mute on ear cup
  • Retractable microphone
  • Customizable ear cups
  • Sound share port
  • Weight 14.9 ounces

Good Points

  • Dolby Technology

In fact, these headphones have two different Dolby technologies, Dolby headphone ensures the audio you hear is rich and high quality, Dolby ProLogic IIX transforms 5.1 surround sound into 7.1, which sounds fantastic.

The closed-back design helps to ensure you hear every note and aren’t disturbed by background noises.

  • Comfort

These headphones are extremely comfortable, they have oversized memory foam padding which combines with the suspension style headband to create potentially one of the most comfortable headphones in the world. They certainly deserve a place on the best surround sound headphones list!

  • Adjustable Audio

Plug the Siberia 650’s into your PC and you can access a 10 band equalizer which will allow you to tweak their performance to what suits you best.

Bad Points

  • Build Quality

Unfortunately, the build quality of these headphones could be better. The plastic can be a little brittle which means it can break on or near the ear cups. You’ll need to treat these very carefully if you choose to buy them.

4. Logitech G933

Logitech G933 review

The second offering from Logitech has square-shaped headphones that make them look retro and futuristic at the same time, it’s an impressive engineering feat.

The Specs

  • 1 Dolby Surround Sound
  • Connect to all devices
  • Wireless or wired connection
  • Frequency response 20Hz-20KHz
  • 12 hours of battery life
  • Weight 2 pounds

Good Points

  • Sound Quality

The audio drivers on these headphones have been redesigned to give 7.1 surround sound or 7.1 DTS, the result is great-sounding music and effective noise isolation. You will be completely immersed in your game or music.

  • Flexibility

The Logitech G933 can be connected to any device via USB or RCA, it can even be connected to 3.5mm jack ports although you will need an adaptor.

Alongside this, you can choose to use the headphones wirelessly, or with the included wire. They have up to 12 hours of battery life. You can also plug up to 3 external devices into the headphones, allowing you to effortlessly receive calls while gaming.

There are even 3 programmable keys to help you assign your referred music profiles, depending on what you’re using your headphones for.

  • Comfort

The square earphones actually sit surprisingly well over your ears and have large padded sections to ensure they are as comfortable as possible, even after hours of gaming.

Bad Points

  • Weight

There is no doubt that these headphones are heavier than most of the others on the list, this may affect how comfortable they are after you’ve been wearing them for a few hours.

  • Light Damage

It’s worth noting that the USB cord is easily damaged, you may want to upgrade this to one of your own choice. The magnets on the side panels can also come off if you’re a bit heavy-handed.

5. Sony MDR-DS6500

Sony MDR-DS6500 review

Sony has been making audio equipment for many years, it’s not surprising that they have a pair of headphones on the 8 best surround sound headphones list.

The Specs

  • Wireless
  • 3D Surround Sound
  • 40mm drivers
  • Up to 20 hours of battery life
  • 328ft wireless range
  • 1 digital surround sound
  • Impedance 66ohm
  • Frequency response 12-22000 Hz

Good Points

  • Freedom

This is not the only pair of headphones to have built-in wireless technology, but, it does have one of the best distances. You should be able to connect up to 328 feet away!

The DS6500 can be used with almost any device or sound format, including Dolby Digital, Dolby digital surround, EX, DTS-ES Matrix, etc.

  • Excellent Sound Isolation

The closed cup design, combined with well-padded ear cushions means that others can’t hear your music or gaming experience. Of course, this works both ways, without the distraction you can focus more on what you’re doing.

Bad Points

  • Slipping Tendency

It’s worth noting that several users have found the headphones slip off their heads very easily. This may not be a design flaw but it is something you need to be aware of before you purchase these good looking headphones.

6. Razer Tiamat 7.1 V2

Razer Tiamat 7.1 V2 review

You’ll find it hard to get better sound quality than what the Razer Tiamat is offering.  Alongside this, you’ll find comfort through the suspension style headband, and the ability to connect to almost any device.

The Specs

  • Works with almost any device
  • 1 Dolby surround sound
  • Retractable digital microphone
  • Frequency response 20Hz – 20,000Hz
  • Weight 14.6 ounces

Good Points

  • Audio Control

The Razer Tiamat 7.1 V2 has excellent audio quality but it is designed to reproduce sound naturally, making it more like someone is talking quietly in your ear instead of being thousands of miles away.

The audio control is built into the line and gives you an array of options, allowing you to make any change to the audio quality you can think of.

There are actually 10 drivers in each ear cup, that’s why it can pickup ever nuance of the surround and relay it to you.

  • Headband

The headband is actually a result of years of research, ergonomic engineering, and extensive testing, with gamers.

It is specifically designed to minimize the weight on your head and keep pressure evenly applied.

Bad Points

  • Needs a 7.1 surround Card

Although this will connect to almost any device, if the device doesn’t have a 7.1 surround card, you’re not going to benefit from the amazing sound quality, which will make it a waste of money buying the headset.

7. HyperX Cloud Revolver S

 HyperX Cloud Revolver S review

The first thing you’ll notice about these headphones isn’t that they look good, or have a microphone attached, it’s the fact that they have a suspension frame and its made with steel. This is one set of headphones that have been built to last.

The Specs

  • Studio-grade sound
  • Steel frame
  • Memory foam
  • Noise-canceling mic –detachable
  • 50mm Drivers
  • Plug’n’Play Dolby surround 7.1
  • Frequency response 12-28000 Hz
  • Weight 2.64 pounds

Good Points

  • Quality

The quality of these headphones is obvious the moment you see the steel suspension band. It also has premium memory foam, 50mm drivers, and can produce a sound that will make you think you’re in the studio.

In short, this is a well put together bit of kit that should last you for years.

  • Comfort

You won’t be surprised to find that the premium quality memory foam around the ear cups makes these an exceptionally comfortable fit, you could wear them all day. In fact, the suspension bands may be steel but the headband section is soft leatherette, you’ll barely notice it’s on your head.

  • Audio Control Box

The HyperX Cloud Revolver comes with its own audio box. It contains a sound card that processes digital signals, allowing you to customize and adjust the sounds until you find the perfect solution for you. It’s even possible to mute the sounds at a touch of your finger, all you need to do is clip the audio box in a good position.

Bad Points

  • Mic not retractable

This may not be an issue for everyone but the mic is designed to be removed, not flipped or retracted. This may be advantageous if you’re using the headphones for a variety of different activities. However, if you’re a gamer then you don’t want to remove the mic, you just need to be able to move it out of the way occasionally.

8. Corsair Void Pro

Corsair Void Pro review

The last contender on the 8 best surround sound headphones is one of the cheapest options but is well worth considering.

The Specs

  • Dolby 7.1 surround sound
  • Memory foam and mesh
  • Frequency response 20Hz-20,000Hz
  • Wireless
  • 50mm drivers
  • 40ft wireless range
  • 16 hours of battery life
  • Weight 13.8 ounces

Good Points

  • Quality

The build quality of Corsair products is becoming legendary and these headphones don’t let you down. Every detail has been carefully considered to give you a set of headphones that should last for years.

  • Comfort

The ear cups have memory foam around the edge and mesh inners, this ensures the headphones are comfortable ad allow air through, preventing your ears from sweating during extended use.

Combine this with the crystal clear sounds and high-quality mic and you’ll be happy gaming for hours. The mic even blocks out ambient noise, making it easier to communicate with your friends.

  • Lack of Lag

One of the biggest issues with wireless headphones is that they experience lag, this can cause an issue when gaming as reactions are everything. However, this isn’t an issue with the Void Pro, there is no lag

Bad Points

  • Customer Service

It’s worth noting that the customer service response from Corsair is less than exceptional. In fact, you may find it difficult to get anything constructive from them, especially if you do have an issue with the headphones.

This is important if you have an issue and maybe less important if you don’t.

What Makes The Best Surround Sound Headphones

What Makes The Best Surround Sound Headphones

Choosing one of the 8 best surround sound headphones means you don’t need to look at the hundreds of options available on the market. However, it is still important to understand what makes the best surround sound headphones, this will help to ensure you choose the right ones for your needs.

Getting Surround Sound

It’s important to understand that a decoder is needed to get surround sound. This may be in your device or it may be built into the headphones. You need to know if your device has a decoder if it doesn’t then you’ll have to choose headphones that have one.

Don’t forget, your ears can hear sound from all directions and will be able to identify which direction the sound is coming from. The sound changes pitch as it moves past us, this is known as the Doppler effect.

Headphones generally struggle to reproduce this as all the sounds are originating in your headphones, perhaps half an inch from your ear.

In essence, surround sound headphones need more drivers, each one is dedicated to a specific frequency, allowing the headphones to play the sound as though it is moving past and around you.

There are numerous technologies built into headphones to make this simpler, you’ll need to check the number of drivers and their position, as well as what technology is being used.

Needless to say, Dolby 7.1 surround is one of the best known and most effective ones.


Don’t forget that you’ll be wearing the headphones for an extended period of time, you need to make sure they have padding in the right place and will remain comfortable. That’s why so many on this list use memory foam.


It’s always worth checking the reputation of the manufacturer, the supplier and the individual product. The best place to look is on social media and online forums, you’ll get honest feedback regarding people’s experiences with a specific set of headphones. This information can help to steer your decision.

Final Thoughts

Surround sound headphones have got dramatically better in the last few years. While they may never match a good home cinema system, they can really enhance your music or your gameplay.

The good news is that technology gradually trickles down through the brands, even some of the cheaper offerings can now provide you with a satisfactory level of surround sound.

Take a look at the 8 best surround sound headphones on this list, you’re sure to find one that will suit you.

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