Best Wireless Router Reviews 2020 – Exclusive Buyer’s Guide

As we have seen, the Wireless and the Internet brings the Universe into your fingertips.  To stay alive and connected, you must have ultra-fast internet and a best wireless router.

Wireless Router is the connecting gateway in between your gadget and the infinite outer universe.

What about life? One can’t imagine without a super fast Internet connectivity; I hope most of you agreed with it.

Now the mother of all queries, How to find a best wireless router?

For that, here you have a meticulously formulated exclusive collection of Best Wireless Routers 2020. Our top 10 list is a cumulative output of extensive online research, analysis and practical testing of various Wi-Fi routers. And now, It’s your turn to get one.

12 Best Wireless Routers 2020

ProductsData Transfer RateFrequency Bands Supported
Next-Gen Netgear R85005300 MB per secondTri-Band
ASUS RT-AC53005300 MB per secondTri-Band
Linksys EA9500 Max-Stream – AC54005.3 Gb per secondTri-Band
Asus RT-AC88U3167 MB per secondDual-Band
D-Link DIR-890L/R3200 Mb per secondTri-Band
NETGEAR Nighthawk X4S(R7800)1733 Mb per secondDual-Band
Linksys WRT-1900ACS1900 Mb per secondDual-Band
ASUS RT-AC32003200 Mb per secondTri-Band
Apple Airport Extreme Base Station1.3 Gb per secondDual-Band
NETGEAR Nighthawk R7000 - AC19001,300 Mb per secondDual-Band
D-Link DIR-880L1,900 Mb per secondDual-Band
TP-Link Archer C71,750 Mb per secondDual-Band

1. A Special Note About Next-Gen Netgear R8500 and ASUS RT-AC5300 Routers

It is about some exclusivities which make these two a flagbearer of upcoming advanced wireless routers generation.

ASUS AC5300 review

  • These latest routers are the fastest Tri-Band WiFi Router on the block.
  • These are finest-grade hardware with the rare assortment of cutting-edge technologies and user applications.
  • While on the other hand, Presently there is less no. of consumers which can utilize benefits of the ultra-fast speed standard (AC5300).
  • Most of the present day’s computer or electronic hardware are not capable of handling such sheer data speed.

With rapidly transforming technological scenario, we are in firm believe by 2020 there are enough consumers to milk these revolutionary WiFi routers.

2. Linksys EA9500 Max-Stream – AC5400 Tri-Band (Best Powerful Consumer Router)

Linksys Max-Stream EA9500 review

Do you have a big house, mansion or home office? Or own a network of multiple heavy-duty gadgets like Gaming consoles, Streaming media players, 4K TVs, PC/laptops, tablets and smartphones running together.

If Yes. In that case, you need a powerful, fast, high-performing best wireless router can cover entire space and deliver lag-free productivity across the network. Here we offer you Linksys Max-Stream EA9500 a Next-Gen Gigabit Wi-Fi router with up to 5.3Gbps combined data rate, three bands, and eight Ethernet ports.

Another point, If money is not an issue Linksys Tri-Band MU-MIMO is one of the fastest wifi routers on the planet, competing with the speed record-holders Netgear R8500 and Asus RT-AC5300.

EA9500 is a 3.8-pound giant robot spider with top-front LED logo and eight large adjustable antennas impossible to tuck away neatly. Linksys doesn’t pay much attention to looks, as this MacBook Pro’s sized footprint router is the heaviest and largest in our exclusive ten best wireless routers list. It is evident that you require a large enough space to host this beast.

Features Connectivity Performance

Although it has numerous advanced features Media Prioritization is the most crucial one. That allows you to shuffle in between high and standard priority list by drag and drop the connected devices. Further, if you want to block users access to the internet or certain websites, there are handy Internet speed test tools and a robust parental control feature to your aid.

It is vital to have a wifi router with https sites blocking capability which most routers lacks. In simple words, this Linksys router among few those can block Sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Antennas played a crucial role in whole wifi concept when one intended to offer multiple bandwidths across a wide area without any congestion. With a 2.4GHz band and two 5GHz bands, you can switch in between by choosing the appropriate SSID. The 2.4GHz band offers better range and less bandwidth making it perfect for browsing. The 5MHz band offers more bandwidth and lesser range which is ideal for streaming and gaming in close-range.

MU-MIMO support ensures focussed bandwidth directly to specific devices, resulting in the enhanced performance with three or more streaming users. And the best thing is all users aren’t dragging each other down.

Although the AC5400 Tri-band router offers mighty 5.3Gbps(combined) speed while most of your gadgets can handle about 1300Mbps. Eight Gigabit ports(except additional WAN port) permits you to plug anything which is way more than other routers in the market. Even then there is no harm to have extra power in your arsenal.

Three wifi bands deliver you blazing fast, seamless streaming across a wide expansion.  Powerful dual-core 1.4GHz processor, quad stream, 802.11 ac/n/g/a/ab compatibility made you drive and connect any wireless device irrespective of type, place, and issues.

Setup and Configuration

It is easily configurable by using Linksys Smart WiFi web-interface that offers a great deal for power users and novice altogether. All necessary applications required to a rapid configuration like the guest WiFi and parental controls are, easy to catch.

The sophisticated advanced features are readily available, what’s more, you don’t need to memorize any IP address. Only move to to configure your router.

All those crazy for high-end, cutting-edge feature loaded routers with no price bar; Linksys EA9500 is amazingly fast that raise the performance bar to new heights. But for average homes, it is an overkill router.

  • Best MU-MIMO capable router
  • Steller wifi performance and seamless roaming
  • Awesome parental control
  • Intuitive software
  • Whooping eight LAN ports
  • Ideal for large spaces
  • Substantial management setting
  • The router is huge bulky and expensive
  • Specs are extravagant for average consumers

3. Asus RT-AC88U – Best wifi router to buy in 2020

ASUS RT-AC88U review

The Brand Asus is a familiar name for all computer aficionado due to the excellence in computer hardware, especially for gaming. It is worth to mention that, Asus has well famed revolutionary product line of wireless routers. Here we are going to talk about RT-AC88U, a best wireless router in midrange(under $300) category.

All those uses Asus products in the past are well aware with their design aesthetics. This wireless router flaunts sheer stylish look with its thorough matte black craft and angular side contours.

Now moving towards internal diagnosis and performance aspects, time to check how it played.

The RT-AC88U is a dual-band AC3100 router equipped with 8 Gigabit LAN ports, supported by exclusive AiProtection feature delivers high-speed, secure internet without any interruption. A different port aggregation allows the first two LAN ports combined into a single superfast 2Gbps connection hub.

Here, the latest 4X4 AC MU-MIMO technology, Smart Connect application ensures a fast, extended stable connectivity to your WiFi devices across the place.

Asus gave particular emphasis to its Web interface consisting a built-in VPN server is spot on and easy to use. It is important to mention this WiFi router also has the capability to function as a NAS when required.

Features Installation and Configuration Performance

Its 1.4GHz dual-core processor with NitroQAM technology delivers up to 3.1Gbps data stream combinedly. Asus router with Adaptive QoS(Quality of service), VPN server, multiple guest networks and handy USB ports features has lots to offer.

Apart from two prime Wi-Fi network(one for each band), the RT-AC88U supports additional six guest networks distributed equally between two bands. These systems disabled by default which can turn on by a click. Further, you are allowed to access the internet only.

Installation procedure is super easy credit goes to the intuitive web interface. Once you connect it to PC and the internet you got two configuration options the setup wizard and manual system.

Further, the Internet setup wizard will check your internet source, configure your router in DHCP, Dynamic IP, Static IP, or PPPoE router forms and generate network encryption key for each band. One click and you’re ready for the job.

While testing the RT-AC88U displayed excellent throughout speed credentials on 5MHz bands. In close trials, it cloaks the same bar with D-link AC3200 also outperformed the Linksys AC3200 and Nighthawk R7800 routers. Other aspects like network file-reading, sharing and transfers are also great.

On the final note, If you are willing to invest money on Asus RT-AC88U router it is one of the best wireless router(dual-band) out in the market. It has everything classy features, multiple smart applications, and exclusive customized modes to get maximum output from your home network.

  • Eight fastest Gigabit LAN ports
  • Finest Wi-Fi performance
  • Smart and best user-friendly web interface
  • Multiple output MU-MIMO feature enabled
  • Built in Game acceleration
  • Intuitive Asus Router App
  • Expensive
  • USB 3.0 port is awkwardly placed
  • When connected with external drives the NAS performance is simply average

4. D-Link DIR-890L/R – Best Range Wireless Router

D-Link AC3200 review

The next up in line of high-end wireless routers from D-Link, a global leader in the field of finest networking solutions and the AC3200 ultra WiFi DIR-890L/R is no exception here.

Are you a Gamer, Streamer or top-league competitor? If yes, then you must need a router with mighty speed to maintain the course and D-link AC3200’s dominant networking technology delivered require thrust without lagging behind.

Further moving on hardware, router design resembles the spaceship of sci-fi flicks, its strikingly elegant angular shape, and large size makes eyes turns to attention. Although it is one of the most radically designed wireless routers crafted for super style enthusiasts. But looks alone aren’t enough.

The 802.11AC technology with six high-power antennas ensures the reach and power of WiFi signals. Here we evaluate all those parameters which matter most.

The DIR-890L/R is the most insane wireless router regarding speed and functionality.

What does AC3200 mean to you? In testing we found this; Up to 3.2Gbps, ultra-fast data rate with Tri-band technology delivers enough potential to power most demanding home networks. No matter whether it is HD streaming and Gaming or maze of multiple devices performance is always best. Also, regarded as the best wireless home router for gaming.

Features Configuration Performance

Applications like DD-WRT Open source interface, NAS, QoS options and DLNA media server support makes the best wireless router for intended zone.
Installation wizard makes the setup like a walk in the park, it also has distinct QRS(Quick Router Setup) App for your smartphones and tablets. With mydlink Lite Mobile App, you can monitor and control your network remotely.

This router is all about WiFi performance, Triple WiFi bands with smart connect technology makes your network management hassle free. Smart Beamforming directs bandwidths to devices as you move around your place.

While the four LAN ports, non-removable antennas feels not enough, D-Link DIR-890 L/R is dominant with its unique design and a set of smart features. Being a Tri-band router general consumer with standard requirements found it over capable.

  • Ultra-fast WiFi and network storage speed
  • Trendy, attractive design
  • An intuitive collection of smart features
  • Good range and reliable performance
  • User-friendly web interface
  • Smooth configuration
  • Un-detachable antennas
  • Bit expensive
  • Printer sharing software is not great

5. NETGEAR Nighthawk X4S(R7800) – Best Router for Gaming, Streaming, and more

Netgear (R7800-100NAS) Nighthawk X4S AC2600 review

For all those already in love with NETGEAR R7000, here is something better for your High-end Gaming requirements that is Nighthawk X4S AC2600 an ultimate choice that you doesn’t want to slip away.

The Nighthawk X4S is performance title-winner in AC2600 category entirely customized for the finest experience of heavy-duty gaming and 4k HDmedia streaming, probably the fastest dual-band router from Netgear. Why I am saying so, Let’s find out ahead.

It is worth to mention Nighthawk AC2600 loaded with the array of prioritizing applications and dynamic QoS(Quality of service) additions. If you have to cover large home area (of 4000 square feet) and a network of around twelve WiFi connected devices, the X4S is a perfect option.

Indeed, here you got a powerful hardware with multi-cornered dark, bulky design, it boasts five network ports, four removable antennas, two USB 3.0 and one eSATA port which is excellent. This Smart WiFi Gaming router with MU-MIMO and Quad-stream(4×4)technology delivers a top speed of 2.53Gbps combining both bands to multiple devices simultaneously. In our testing, its powerful dual-core 1.7GHz processor performed as per the capabilities.

Regarding wireless range, X4S is superb with a 160MHz support that doubles the bandwidth to push WiFi range farther. And if you have gaming systems at various locations no worry, the combo of high-performance antennas and Beamforming+ technology ensure reach to every corner of your house.

And like most Netgear routers setup is quite easy, R7800 is pre-configured you just need to plug, connect and play. You can further customize your network with the assistance of web interface Netgear Genie and downloadable Netgear Genie app.

The Netgear R7800 Nighthawk X4S AC2600 is a superb router. While it is bit expensive, and storage network performance is not so good. With dedicated feature packed performance and data-streaming technology, it is undoubtedly the Best Gaming Router 2019-2020.

If you are looking for ultimate WiFi experience, I recommend going for Nighthawk X6 AC3200 which is on the mark.

  • Excellent 5MHz range
  • High-speed MU-MIMO performance
  • Ability to plug into multiple HDDs
  • Intuitive port choice
  • Loads of management setting system
  • Perfectly customized for Gaming and streaming
  • Quick storage access capability
  • The router’s software interface is confusing and under performing
  • Bit expensive

6. Linksys WRT-1900ACS – Best DD-WRT WiFi Router

Linksys AC1900 review

This Linksys wireless router holds top slot in our exclusive list’s dual-band category, which boasts powerful hardware with upgraded dual-core 1.6GHz processor and 512MB of DDR3 RAM.

WRT1900ACS is a triple-stream(3×3) 802.11ac router; that translates into top data- rate of 1300Mbps at 5GHz band and up to 600Mbps on the 2.4MHz band. If you have a good faster internet connection, this AC1900 router works wonder to achieve the maximum potential of provided gateway. It delivers top performance with a good range which is enough to justify worth and place in our exclusive list. How you rate it? Check out ahead.

When you see the router from outside, the retro-classic design built over the large frame is Linksys trademark and also makes him the biggest router in the segment. And, make sure to clear enough space on your desk if you already decided to bring it in business, can be placed horizontally or wall mounted.

Here the router has four LAN ports and four high-performance antennas, a luxury of open-source firmware(for use with OpenWRT) allows users to customize and exercise full control. With four separate data traffic lanes and advanced beamforming technology, it consumes every last bit of its wireless stream. In real-time performance testing WRT1900ACS apparently, demolish the competition including AC3200 class routers.

Despite the absence of MU-MIMO technology router efficiently manage multiple heavy-data using devices connected to its network also, one of the fastest router out there in the market. Linksys incorporated some impressive features like Open VPN network allowing secure connections for remote users with customization option. Also, helps to connect local and remote users.

Here WRT1900ACS surprised with its NAS(Network attached storage) that topped everybody else we tested by a significant margin. Other prime applications including UPnP(universal plug n play) and DLNA support. Now you can manage and customize your home WiFi any time from anywhere with Linksys Smart WiFi feature. Setting it up is quite smooth and fast.

Want to have detailed router reviews? Read here.

It’s time to conclude- Linksys WRT1900ACS has everything outstanding performance and smart features you need in the best WiFi router, while the big bulky design is of little concern. If you’re are fine with the prices this is the best choice of Network geeks.

  • Outstanding performance
  • Powerful hardware and best feature/app/software package
  • Out of box retro-design
  • Excellent NAS performance
  • Fast setup and smooth intuitive control
  • Bigger frame than the most router
  • Default software is not much productive

7. ASUS RT-AC3200 – Tri-band Wireless Gigabit Router

ASUS Tri-Band Gigabit (AC3200) WiFi Router review

Are you in pursuit of a smart wireless router for your heavy-duty home network? If yes, you must think about ASUS RT-AC3200 that made your investment worthful.

One must be thinking about the higher price-tag of this tri-band router, which is entirely okay. Here, this router’s incredible features-set intended to maximize the efficiency of your entire network are enough to explain its price.

If you have an heavy-traffic home network with multiple user applications and willing to put your money on, it never disappoints you. Now moving ahead to reveal the RT-AC3200 router’s internal facts-

Design Feature Performance and Setup

This router is quite large-sized, weighs 04pounds crafted with Asus’s signature style, mounted with six detachable antennas. It generates enough power by the combination of dual-core processor and tri-band network supported by four LAN ports and USB storage. The complete hardware made to stay long and reliable through its designated tasks.

The RT-AC3200 router is designed to achieve maximum efficiency with excellent coverage riding over the Tri-Band Smart Connect feature. Regarding speed, it cloaks up to 3200Mbps top speed further distribute over tri-band 2.4 and dual 5GHz bands which are just marvelous.

ASUSWRT web interface allows its user to access the smooth 3-step installation procedure and luxury of rich advanced features.

Installation through Setup Wizard screen is a quite easy, further you have choices of Quick Internet and router configuration tool or a Manual setup system.

In the comparison of individual performance evaluation, the multi-device and multi-user scenario gives a better estimate of router credentials. After going through the wide-spectrum testing across all four metrics of 2.4GHz and 5GHz speed, LAN speed, and included USB storage speed results are excellent.

The provided advanced applications like OpenVPN Network and NAS(Network attached storage) facilitate extra boost to router’s potential.

Indeed, the availability of three separate operative bands works perfectly for multi-connection networks, resulting in excellent performance across the board. For Networking enthusiasts ASUS RT-AC3200 suit best while typical user found it much more advanced to their needs.

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  • Tri-Band Router with robust hardware
  • Seamless fastest data rate across all bands
  • Powerful user-interface
  • Loads of next-gen features with boosted security and convertible VPN/NAS server
  • Powerful user interfaces with reliable performance
  • It has a bulky frame with large footprints
  • Comparatively less LAN ports

8. Apple Airport Extreme Base Station – The Unique Designed WiFi Solution

Apple AirPort review

Apple’s sixth generation wifi solution offers a simultaneous dual-band 802.11ac support for 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency transmission at the same time.

..A unique one, isn’t it?

The non-traditional name Airport Extreme Base Station carries some significant traits that we are going to discuss ahead. In the meantime, it bears an exclusive slot in our best wireless router collection. Want to know why? Let’s find out.

It is entirely customized to infuse core values like the style, speed, latest features, seamless connectivity and heavy-duty performances across the spectrum. By this Apple truly stamped his credibility in wifi routers segment and put forward his great technological legacy again.

If anyone wants to make a point out of product outlook, that is Apple’s signature design theme easily recognizable. Here, product design approach revolves around performance that is build on some key facts-

Firstly, its tall vertical frame with top mounted antennas provides a higher platform for signal dispersion. And six antennas three each for 2.4 and 5GHz bands with triple-stream 802.11ac wireless technology allows connecting faster, farther and with enhanced strength.

This Base Station is amazingly fast with up tp 1.3Gbps data rate credit goes to the three-stream 802.11ac wireless technology, which is three times of 802.11n standard.

About router downsides, except new design and 802.11ac standard, upgrade it doesn’t have any significant improvisation over its predecessors. It lacks in add-on feature and functions like USB storage media streaming or support for Time Machine backup, but they do not hamper its core job at all.

Being Apple’s best router till date users owning 802.11ac devices, will go crazy for Airport Extreme’s elegant design, excellent data flow, steady performance and user convenience. Advanced users may wait for next upgrade.

  • A stylish power performer from Apple’s house
  • It offers speedy and seamless performance
  • Provides ease of use and flexible configuration
  • Not any significant improvement from the previous generation all are of a subjective type

9. NETGEAR Nighthawk R7000 – AC1900 Dual-band WiFi Router

Netgear (R7000-100PAS) Nighthawk AC1900 review

Regarding speed, configuration, and specific features this dual-band WiFi-router far ahead than its nearest rivals Linksys EA6900 and Asus RT-AC68U. The Manufacturing entity ‘Netgear’ well famed for their high-tech networking hardware’s, especially wireless routers.

The Nighthawk R7000 is solidly built along wide angular frame covering quite large footprints, black and dark gray color pattern with no parallel surfaces generates a stealthy high-tech impression.

As per the speed test and performance evaluation data Nighthawk device is the fastest and best among all accounted rival routers, which justifies its price by a hefty margin. Its triple stream 802.11ac and TurboQAM supported 802.11n standards, resulting into 200 Mbps per stream which exceeds standard 150 Mbps rate, further depends on upon the adaptability of your computer wireless adaptor.

Being specific, the R7000 exceedingly score in three key areas; smooth setup, comparable performance and smart feature portfolio which is best Netgear wireless router by value. To know how? Check out ahead.

Design Feature Performance

Externally, its black coded stealthy frame molded through entirely improvised design that carries three detachable antennas.Here, the matter of concern is its large size and 3.5-pound weight which requires plenty of space to accommodate it. But you only need to manage once, after placement it doesn’t require any further move.

Regarding features, this dual-band AC1900 router has support for QoS(Quality of service) which allows managing both up and down streams of your internet gateway. Also, identify and prioritize the gaming and streaming tasks.

The Open VPN support facilitates parental control via complete inbuilt package for all connected devices. DLNA provides unique ability to lock and play your media on DLNA TVs and gaming consoles.

This router gives ample amount of freedom through its ReadySHARE USB feature. With iTune compatibility, play your stored music by using AirPlay or Apple Remote.

Netgear’s outstanding performance and blazing fast speed makes it fastest smart router in the segment. Both 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz bands delivered the same high-class output without any interference across ranges which is far superior to a regular ethernet connection.

Being a consumer router the dual-core 1GHz processor pumps enough power to run all applications flawlessly.

Yes, it is heavy and displays not such an impressive performance at 2.4GHz band. Despite this by the account of a comprehensive analysis, Netgear Nighthawk R7000 is an incredible wi-fi router worths lot more than his price. With gaming optimization, Nighthawk AC1900 is one of the best router money can buy.

Go for  Netgear R7000’s performance review by clicking here.

  • You got fastest peak throughput
  • incredible performance on 5GHz band
  • Incredibly solid built and stylish appearance
  • Highly productive USB network performance
  • Cutting edge feature package is rare in the segment
  • Lack range compare to its rivals
  • It suffers in 2.4GHz band performance
  • The Nighthawk’s large size and added bulkiness might not like by all

10. D-Link DIR-880L – The AC1900 Dualband Gigabit Router

D-Link Wireless AC1900 review

With this dual-band router, D-link smartly targets the premium 802.11ac segment by taking performance to the next level. Also, It is flying past the limits of your expectations with ease, watch it.

For any wireless router, coverage and real-time performance are key areas.DIR-880L’s advanced AC1900 standard guarantees maximum output no matter whether you are for HD media streaming, Online Gaming or web communications.

Dual core processor along with three detachable antennas and three power amplifiers makes it capable of delivering a reliable wifi coverage across your home network. Beamforming technology ensures streamlined coverage by focussing bandwidth to gadgets while you on the move around your heaven.

Linux operating system users have an additional option to modify their routers by accessing the free DD-WRT open source firmware. Ultra modern graphic web interface facilitates visual network map which comes handy in smooth network management. Give customized priority access to your network clients with the help of QOS feature that spares you from manual settings.

The stylish yet traditional router designed to stay flat on the surface but it can also wall mountable. Cloud control allows you to access and manage the network from your smartphone or tablet remotely.

The provided latest web interface might be a surprise for both the new and those familiar with D-Link router long time, also newly included USB 3.0 port takes quite long time to mount a plugged-in external hard drive.

For hassle free connectivity you got four Gigabit LAN and one WAN ports, two USB ports provide access to your storage devices and printers. It is very easy to setup; Being loaded with pre-configured WiFi network you only need to plug the router into a power source, connect WAN port with your broadband modem and its done.

Looking for DIR-880L’s complete performance analysis? Click here.

  • Incredible leading performance across the segment
  • D-Link cloud control and management
  • Very convenient user interface and setup
  • Throughout top data rate
  • extended reach
  • and solid WiFi signals
  • Best value affordable price tag
  • Provided new user interface and USB 3.0 port not matched with its over-the-board show

11. TP-Link Archer C7 – Best Budget Buy Router 2020 (Under $100)

TP-Link AC1750 review

TP-Link Archer C7 is the best wireless router under $100 budget segment, an ideal fit for bigger apartments and multiroom houses.

It is pretty faster and enables to cover many large areas efficiently as compared to routers two or three times costlier out there. The 1.75 Gbps combined speed you can play online games as well as HD media streaming and that too without any interruption.

This no-frill Wi-Fi router is the perfect mix of amazing wireless performance and nice bundled features like USB file sharing, Gigabit Ethernet ports, Guest networks and parental control.  Excellent price and performance ratio make it a perfect choice for budget buyers.

At given entry-level offering are quite luxurious; large shiny plastic built body well complemented by the sleek design and smart user applications. Additional three internal antennas are widely contributing to its impressive wifi-range which is indeed, a bonus for this dual-band wireless router.

Three detachable external antennas are well built and adhere firmly to their spots. It also has four LAN ports and one WAN port, two USB ports which allow connectivity to your printers and external drives.

You can also setup and manage your wifi network through iOS and Android devices; it’s no cost TP-Link Tether app provide the essential gateway.

Although, it is 802.11 ac and NAS compatible the performances are not on higher notes. Coming to the point, this TP-Link device designed to serve the primary segments budget consumers where its easy setup system, dual USB ports, smooth management and one-touch WPA security delivers excellent overall performance.

For Large Homes, Go for the best TP-Link OnHub Wireless Router by Google.

Being an 802.11 ac router the lightening speed expectation is genuine. If this is not a primary concern and you are in pursuit of a good wireless router with enough impressive performance be it online gaming, HD streaming or large file sharing TP-Link Archer C7 is your best bet.

Get Archer C7’s more detailed analysis right here.

  • Incredible price and performance ratio
  • Very good wireless coverage
  • Sturdy built external antennas
  • Affordable 802.11 AC wifi router
  • On/Off wireless transmission switch
  • Twin USB-ports for external connections
  • Parental control for restricted web-surfing
  • Limited overall wireless settings
  • Average plastic built

Buyer’s Secret – Wireless Router

An Exclusive compilation of end-to-end technical and real-time performance standards, finely customized to guide a prospective

Buying a best wireless router is an entirely different practice; I mean to say, just by knowing a handful specification or technical points you can’t make a worthy investment. There are plenty of other’s that you must absorb before splurging your fortune on wireless router.

Know what made a wireless router

Best Wireless Routers

There is no such thing like wired router; the old school model provided by your internet service provider(ISP) is now irrelevant.

Wireless router used to provide access to the web or a particular private computer network. These device operates in wireless local area network(WLAN) regulate connectivity and route pattern for data packet transfer, allows greater mobility to your gadgets and computers.

The Technical Insight

Primarily, any Wi-Fi router network comprises of following three; The router, a wireless access point, and a network switch.

  1. Router: The core platform manage, direct and ensures data transport from your network to other external systems. Also, provides seamless connectivity to various devices connected to your network.
  2. Wireless access point: WAP is a base station with antennae performs the operation of transmission and receiving wireless signals.
  3. Network switch: This hardware networking device job is to facilitate connectivity for all wi-fi enabled devices on your network, switches used to link and control within.

Here are some key points of wireless router segment which able to understand the whole script in a better way. Have a look ahead.

Single, Dual or Tri-band; The Types of Communication Radio-Band

Best Wireless Routers

– Data streaming rate depends on the communication ability of any particular router. Older generation device used Single radio band(2.4 GHz Frequency) for transmission and usually the cheapest model available in the market.

Dual-band routers: Devices streaming videos from Netflix, or exposing to online gaming services likes of Xbox Live, all that happens with dual-band router. There is two operating frequencies 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands, the later one more seamless offering less interference gateway. The traffic load is evenly shared on both bands and allows to assign a spectrum to the particular application.

Tri-band routers: These latest models are highly recommended for the multi-user(device) scenario with heavy network traffic in your household or office spaces. This segment comprises of three operating bands, one at 2.4 MHz and two operates on 5MHz. High-degree tasks like File transfers, HD video streaming, and Online gaming smoothly done here, also the host platform of cutting-edge future technologies ahead.

Speed Standards

The proposed maximum data exchange speed varied across sections of wireless routers, find a comparative presentation ahead:

  •  AC1750 Class-router – These segment routers delivers a top speed of 1750 Mbps which is uneven split between two bands. Let’s say such routers gains maximum rate of 450 Mbps on 2.4 MHz band and 1300 Mbps on 5 MHz in dual-band type.
  • AC1900 Class-router – Here, they offer greater 600 Mbps over 2.4 MHz band and same 1300Mbps speed on 5 MHz as in AC1750 routers. In the case of Tri-band product, the following 1300 Mbps rate flows over each of the two 5 MHz bands.
  • AC3200 Class-router – This segment more prominent with the latest Tri-band technology, where it delivers more reliable and incredibly fast rate to multiple devices on a network. With combined maximum speed of 3.2 Gbps, the greater 2600 Mbps pie equally distributed between two five megahertz bands and remaining 600 Mbps goes to the 2.4 GHz band. Currently, almost every new products launched on this platform.
  • AC5300 Class-router – If we talk about the most advanced available offering in the market, that is AC5300 routers. Here, maximum wi-fi speed cloaks at 5300 Mbps/5.3 Gbps and such a blazing speed entitles them as the most accelerated premium routers available in the marketplace. The exclusive tri-band class of routers can broadcast single 2.4 GHz network along with two 5 GHz networks.
  • DD-WRT Type-router – The entirely different league of routers based on Linux based substitute open source firmware for wireless routers, primarily designed to replace original product with additional next-generation functionalities. DD-WRT routers reflect the concept of unleashing a platform to its full potential.

Security Specifications

Best Wireless Routers

These are one of the most important aspects of wireless routers principally identified as following:

– The basic network security standard is WPS(WiFi protected setups) a simple configuration used to secure home wireless networks. Its PIN system largely fails against high-tech attacks.

WiFi Protected Access/Acess II(WPA and WPA2) are two much-secured security protocols and certification programs facilitating private password protected security for each device.

– If we talk about highly reliable WiFi security system, there is non-other than WPA-Enterprise Security system uses most advanced Remote authentication dial-in user service(RADIUS) server for client identification.

The Productivity Analysis of Next Generation Technologies and Features of Advanced WiFi routers

– IPV(The Internal Protocol Version): This technology used to assign IP addresses and makes it possible for us to link our devices to external web-world. IPV4 is the 32-bit addressing scheme while its successor latest IPV6 uses a 128-bit system with infinite nos. of IP addresses and enhanced security features. Check out IPV4 vs. IPV6 tab.

Wireless Protocols: Your network standards for data and wireless communications which make possible to access the concern WLAN network. The underlying 802.11 protocol followed by a series of 802.11b, 802.11a, 802.11g, 802.11n, and the latest 802.11ac.

Latest 5th Gen. 802.11 ac Technology, Why you should go for it?

That is twice faster as the best previous 802.11n standard could provide and also, compatible with the older devices same time. If you desire to have the best out of your regular web-browsing experience or exploring 4k videos, just upgrade with the Gigabit Wi-Fi supported router that offers 1300Mbps throughput speed.

– The MU-MIMO Technology: The multi-user MEMO feature is a unit of multiple input & output technologies for wireless transmissions. In simple words, it allows a router to communicate with various compatible devices in the same leg of time.

– There are some other cutting-edge applications developed to transform the whole wireless arena, one of them is Orbi Wi-Fi system; to eliminate dead spot issues in any wireless network.

– If your work made you use NAS(Network Attached Storage) different new-generation wireless routers loaded with external hard drive support features. To access the facility, you just need to plug in your external storage drive into designated port on the router.

– If you’re is higher density environments no matter; the Networking 1024 QAM(NitoQAM) technology capable of delivering 2x faster seamless performance.

– Imagine all of your audio, video, and other multimedia properties managed through a standard sphere ‘A home Cloud’ where storage location or the user device you’re using doesn’t matter at all. DLNA, a technology used in most of the high-end wireless routers made it possible.

The Beamforming technology initiates a direct signal transfer to clients, a standard application in 802.11ac class Wi-Fi routers.

– Being a Top productive wireless router; It must have constant data rate, hassle-free setup, smooth manageability and pro-user features so that, one can unleash its full potential.

On Collective Note: Most top-grade routers comprise of these additional benefits like; No. of Ethernet ports, removable antennas, Network management functions; Parental Controls, Quality of service(QOS) options and Guest network features.

Also, the third-party performance booster tools like high gain antennas and shared printing over USB proves immensely valuable assets.

Concluding Thoughts

After spending so much of your time and energy on wireless router expedition, you know well that it’s never an easy game to win. Considering all these, we prepared the exclusive top best products list. This list produces after going through extensive research, multiple testing and evaluation processes, incorporating the needs of a customer.

We are confident the list provides you the necessary insight and assists to choose the best wireless router as per requirement and budget. No router is universally perfect, as each of them designed to suit the need of particular consumers. Here we make sure, to include products for wide-spectrum users like best budget, speed, coverage, network standard, performance, and specialists. Further, we continue to keep track of latest developments and brings you the best. Your queries and communications are greatly appreciated.

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