Linksys Ea7300 Review 2020 – An Innovative Device

If you live with other people under the same roof, you may hardly find a strong connection since many devices use the same network. Good news for you! Linksys has recently released an innovative router with traffic shaping and superior bandwidth – The Linksys ea7300. 

Moreover, those routers are sold at a reasonable price, and no consumer hardware is fast enough to make use of the high speeds it brings about. The Linksys ea7300 review below will be helpful if you want to know more about this product.

Linksys Ea7300 Review – A Great Balance Between Price And Quality

Many users may feel as if they are forced to make a choice between the quality and the price. Some get low-budget routers that do not live up to the modern technology demands. Others have to buy expensive routers that go beyond their need. 

To tackle this problem, Linksys decided to introduce the Linksys EA7300 – a perfect combination of affordability and effectiveness. Let’s have a look and see how it performs in the real world.

First Look

Linksys EA7300 looks modern with a smooth black case giving it a professional and practical appearance. 

While not having the same imposing appearance as other higher-quality products, neither a classic look as older ones. It is still recognized as a high-end router, but the appearance will not attract any additional attention. No matter where you put this device in your house, easily be spotted in the living room, or hide it away in your wardrobe, it will fit well with all these corners.

linksys ea7300 review
The Linksys Max-Stream EA7300


Thanks to the included setup wizard, getting the Linksys Max-Stream up and running is simpler than you can imagine. 

First, you need to connect the WAN port with your modem and with the electricity through the power port. After booting up, you have come to the final stage. You can choose one of these two methods: plugging it into an Ethernet port or logging into the router using a network connection.

In terms of opening a web browser, you can now walk through an easy-to-follow instruction. Then, coin a name for your network and find a strong password for it. Necessary installation is done now, and the Internet is there for you to use. If you need more, continue with the advanced network settings.

linksys ea7300 setup
Linksys Router Button


This product supports both wireless and wired networking. At the Linksys’s back, wired networking can be linked through an Ethernet port. You will also see a port named USB 3.0 to the right, which can be used to connect the tool to a hard drive or a flash drive when needed.

This router and its features can be used with older devices that only go with 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, or 802.11n. But many users want to make the most of bandwidth capability, and in this case, an 802.11AC client is necessary.

linksys ea7300 how to connect
How To Connect The Device

Performance Test

The speed of 1.7 Gbps sounds great in theory, but who knows how it will perform in practice. That’s the reason why we decided to conduct a demo testing its effectiveness.

We tested shared some files on our local network using a PC with an 802.11ac card. When we stood three meters away from the router, the transfer rate reached up to 245 Mbps, which is more than what we need to stream a high-quality video. 

Then we took the second test to check if the speed was stable or not if we stayed far away from the tool. This time, the distance was three times further, and the transfer speed recorded decreased to about 120 Mbps. We would say that though it is not very impressive, an average household can be satisfied with it.

MU-MIMO Technology

MU-MIMO technology is among the most critical features of this product. Indeed, it is common knowledge that when many people are connecting to the Internet simultaneously, issues may pop out. 

The speed will slow down, or your connection will be unresponsive since our network cannot handle such high traffic. And this is when we need MU-MIMO since it can create three different wireless networks. With MU-MIMO, our transfer rate could be fast and stable irrespective of the number of users.

Contrary to common perception, MU-MIMO does not provide separate wifi networks, and you do not have to connect to the Internet by choosing one of them. With this technology, users will connect to the system as usual, and the device will do the rest of the task.

The traffic shaping system is intelligent enough to recognize which devices in your house need the most bandwidth to distribute suitable connections. High-volume users such as gamers will be provided with the most robust connections, and others will share other channels. This means you will get what you need. 

linksys ea7300 MU-MIMO Technology
More Devices with MU-MIMO Technology

Access Control Settings

Although this router is easy to use, we must acknowledge its advanced features. This application is available in The Appstore, or you can visit to install it on your phone.

At first sight, this app will provide information about devices that are using your network and their connecting details such as IP and MAC addresses, and connecting status. Or you can be interested in advanced settings such as content limitations to restrict the time and the applications your children can get access to. 

Should I Buy the Linksys EA7300?

The Linksys EA7300 is among the best routers available on the marketplace for average consumers. It is the best option for buildings or large houses with many devices searching for a high Internet speed at the same time. 

If you do not own the most modern technology, you could still take advantage of MU-MIMO technology to increase the numbers of networks inside your living space. If you have an 802.11ac card, your Internet-surfing experience is now even more enjoyable. If this Linksys EA7300 still does not meet your demand, the EA9500 – its latest version may do.

The parental settings are necessary for families most of the time. However, suppose your family is concerned with restrictions on the kinds of applications and the time your kids use the Internet, you can find advanced parental controls on Netgear Orbi. 

According to feedback from consumers, they have satisfied when choosing to use the Linksys Ea7300. The improvement brought the stability and range of the wifi network in their house, contributing to reducing the Verizon monthly payment amount. 

Even, after a long time of use, the product does not leave any big hassle. No problem happens when we use it for streaming 4k to two TVs at the same time and running multi-device from NAS, media server, laptops, desktop, and ipads, all at once. The setup is pretty easy, and signal strength is good through all of your property, even out in the backyard.

In Conclusion

As mentioned throughout this Linksys ea7300 review, the EA7300 is a perfect match between the deal and the average consumer’s performance. The powerful features that allow us to use high bandwidth Internet connections through many connected devices have made this device gain popularity among customers. Thank you for reading, and we hope this article will help you with your smart purchasing decision!

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